Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Try Something Tuesday-Stamping!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not going to take off my lovely Magic Croisette manicure until I absolutely have to, so I needed a way to upcycle it for today's Try Something Tuesday. Cue my first attempt at stamping on my own nails (as opposed to falsies-on-sticks or whatever they're called) now I've got my new plastic scraper (thanks to a giveaway prize from The Sorting House, yay!).
I thought I'd stick with the celestial theme and chose a moon and stars image and a twinkly starry one. My stamping plates are unbranded and un-numbered-I got them from Ebay with a basic stamping starter kit so they're not the best in the world, but decent enough for me!

You can see how scratched up the plate got with the metal scraper!

I used L'Oreal-Valiant for my stamping because it's quite opaque in 1 coat, and I don't have any proper stamping polishes, and I thought the silver would look nice against the blue.
(I will apologise now for the tip-wear visible in these photos-I basically spent last night rearranging all my books and DVDs on my shelves and tidying my desk, so my nails took a bit of a battering! But hey, I can cope with a bit of tip-wear if you can!)
I just stamped one image onto each nail at first (following this picture tutorial from Nail Art 101):

but then I decided that they looked a little plain (not to mention wonky) so I went back and added more afterwards-giving me more chances to perfect my technique!

You may be able to see the silver splodges on my hand
from the spillage disaster I had all over myself and my lovely desk-
annoyingly if I hadn't have tidied it it wouldn't have got on the wood!

They're not perfect, plus they were a faff to try and photograph-I don't think my camera likes subtle designs! Overall I'm pleased though, I don't think they're that bad for a first attempt. I've since discovered this really helpful video from soguesswhat11 which I will definitely be following next time I have a go.
I really like the patterns on my thumb, forefinger and right little finger (which I don't have a photo of, sorry!), I think they came out really well. As I said, not perfect, but you can definitely tell what they are! I also love that Croisette's beautiful shimmer is still coming through really well.

And so ends my first stamping adventure!

~Nail Art Novice~

NB Sorry if this post is a bit rambly/non-sensical, I'm somewhat sleep deprived and a bit loopy coz of it. But at least my shelves look good!

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