Thursday, 28 August 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge 15-Delicate

Hey loves =)

Originally the only thing I could think of for this challenge was stamping as I have some fairly "delicate" looking flowery stamps on my MoYou London Pro plates but then I remebered the saran wrap (cling film!) technique and was really glad I did. Delicate to me implies girly, pale colours so that's what I used! My base was Barry M-Vanilla, which is one of their matte range from last autumn, and a pinky-nude sort of colour. On top of that I did a saran wrap mani using Barry M-Prickly Pear, Tara's Talons-Christmas Fairy and Revlon-Silver Screen. I then topped it all off with some China Glaze-Fairy Dust for a little added sparkle!

Now this is really really girly and subtle which means it's not like any of my normal manis at all but I really like it! There's something about the shiny shimmeryness of it that really catches the eye and I think all the layers of colour have added up to be a really nice colour. I reckon this would definitely be work appropriate but with that little bit of sparkle it's quite glam too!

What do you reckon? Do you like Saran wrap manis or loathe em?

~Nail Art Novice~

Monday, 25 August 2014

Glitter Me Monday: Maybelline Color Show Street Art

Hey lovelies! I've got some more awesome treats from America on my nails today, in the way of the Maybelline Color Show Street Art glitters. We did get these over here in the UK but the colours were really wishy washy and nowhere near as bright as these, and I just kind of fell in love with that red!

L-R: Blue Beats, Wild at Heart, Nighttime Noise
As before, these were presents from my lovely friend at A Mani Maniac-these were what I had originally asked her to get because they're just so cool! I'm wearing them over similar bases-Barry M-Guava, Cobalt Blue and Passion Fruit plus Coconut on my accents, where I have layered all three on top of each other which I think looks really fun!

What do you think? I love them, they're so awesome! I really like the different sizes and shapes of glitters with the splash of colour, and still really love that red, it's definitely my favourite. How about you?

~Nail Art Novice~

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Geckos And ZigZags And Holos, Oh My!

Hello lovely readers! How's your weekend going? I've been home alone since Friday and I'm kinda bored and lonely now, boo!

I used a couple of lovely holo polishes for this mani- GOSH-Holographic Hero and Too Fancy Lacquer-Cooper Trooper. I also used nail vinyls from Nail Stickrs (zigzags) and Vinyl Boutique (geckos that Rara got me for my birthday!).

Hehe I love those adorable little geckos as well as those colours together (I'm not a Slytherin, promise!), plus the holoy ness of course! I'm a little sad the sun's gone away at the moment because it means my holos only light up like this when I'm doing the washing up! Ah well, this is Britain, haha!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays folks!

~Nail Art Novice~

Thursday, 21 August 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge 14-Flowers

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all enjoying your weeks so far!

This is another one of my 31 Week Nail Art Challenges (that are taking much longer than 31 weeks) and today it's flowers. I've been wanted to do this design for a while, inspired by a particularly wonderful pair of shoes of mine that I love:

They're so bright and colourful and I knew I'd have to stick them on my nails someday!

Polishes I used: Barry M-Coconut, Mango, Cobalt Blue, Spring Green, Revlon-Electric and Rimmel-Red Obsession (all of which I realised I took with me to Oz, coincidentally!)

They aren't the neatest flowers in the world because I did them in a bit of a rush but I still think they look  kinda cool! Especially side by side with their inspiration:

Hehe! So fun =D Whaddya reckon?

Short and sweet post for me today, that's all folks!

~Nail Art Novice~

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet: Science and Technology

Hello loves!

It's been a while since I joined in with the Fingerfood challenge but when I saw this week's theme was science and technology (two of my favourite things!) I just had to do this one. I treated myself to some Messy Mansion stamping plates a good while ago and haven't had opportunity to use them yet. The one I used today is my fave of the three I got-MM25-a science themed plate that I just love! I couldn't decide which full nail design I liked best so I just used all of them, plus some of the smaller designs on my thumb.

Base colour is Sinful Colors-Shine Annie which was sent to me from America in an awesome parcel of goodies from the wonderful Liz who is the creative genius behind A Mani Maniac and really made my day! Shine Annie is a gorgeous bright red, slightly jelly like and full of a shimmer that my camera refused to see. I used three coats to get rid of VNL although probably could have only gone with two.

 I stamped on top of it using Color Club-Over The Moon for both the contrasting colour and the sort of shiny shimmery technology sort of feel to it (I might be talking nonsense here =p)

First pic without flash to actually show the stamping and second pic with flash to show the pretties =D I'm loving the rainbows and those designs! I think my favourite is the DNA strands though.

Don't forget to check out the other nerdy nails in the inlinkz

~Nail Art Novice~

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rara Does Alice In Wonderland Nails

Welcome back Jenni!!!!!
I have missed your face (and your nails!) Hoping to see some more beautiful creations soon!

So my news this week is that I have left the (horrible) job I have been stuck in for two years and started a new one at Boots! I am really looking forward to the new challenges and meet new people. Also can't wait for the discount on nail varnish haha!
So after my first week, I feel saturated with new information and decided to take a break this weekend and do some nail art. I decided to do Alice In Wonderland nails because my week feels slightly mad and disorientating!! Please ignore my slightly fat Alice, she has had too much tea and cake!

A lot of polishes used again so if you want to know any in particular please comment below and I will be happy to tell you.

Looking forward to my new adventures,
Rara in Wonderland

Monday, 11 August 2014

Glitter Me Monday: Barielle-Falling Star

Hello lovelies!

Back today with my second Glitter Me Monday and this one is my boyfriend's choice-both of polish and design. This week's GMM is Barielle-Falling Star which I have had for ages and I don't know why I've never got around to using yet-it's gorgeous! It's a cornflower blue base with bronze glitters in and it's so sparkly and pretty! I've layered it over a London Girl polish, which is one of my frankly awful smelly-never-drying ones, but it does match the glitter exactly so I decided to grin and bear it this time. My boyfriend decided that 2 stripes per nail were the perfect number and I have to say I agree with him-he's got an eye for nail art haha!

What do you reckon? I really like it, especially with the bronze flashes underneath. He's got very good taste, my fella!

Don't forget I have a GIVEAWAY going on at the moment, and it's ending really soon! Make sure you get your Rafflecopter entries in here and you can also enter on instagram here by reposting the pic with the tag #nangiveaway -I've not had many entries this way so make sure you tag it!

Good luck and Happy Monday!

~Nail Art Novice~

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Guest Post-The Secretary's Nail Art

This post comes with an apology to Dina-she sent me this to put up as a guest post while I was in Australia and I somehow managed to lose it amongst my emails and therefore never posted it-apologies! Putting that right now, so enjoy her lovely nails! ~NAN~

Hello gorgeous, I am Dina from Secretary's Nail Art, you can find my blog over at

 When Jenni  asked for Guest bloggers I just had to jump to her rescue. Both being based in UK, I felt the sisterhood feeling rise in me. Sisters gotta stay together. I have been following this blog for a long time now, and it is so cool to be starring on it. I hope Jenni is having great break, from running the blog, and focusing about chilling out and enjoying some time off. Since Jenni often promotes UK indies and such,  I wanted to keep this manicure at bit, shall we say, British. I used MoYou-London Mother Nature plates, Barry M, and W7 polishes.

First off I started out with Barry M - 302 - Fuchsia (when ever I look at that word I just can't believe it's suppose to be spelled like that). After two coats I was still seeing some VNL, but since I was going to stamp over it, I didn't bother about a third coat.

It's a very bright and glossy colour, and I didn't want anything that would compete too much with the base, so I opted for Barry M - Ltd.- 148 - Lilac Foil and W7 - 58 - Pink Chrome for the stamping. I used MoYou-London Mother Nature Collection - 05 for the tips with Barry M - Lilac Foil, and  MoYou-London Mother Nature Collection -  07 with W7 - Pink Chrome as an accent on my middle finger.

I am very pleased with this look, and is actually the first look I have created using these two plates. Sorry about the bonus cat hair, seems like he want's to be a part of my pictures whenever I do my nails. As soon as the camera gets out, he is there.

I hope you all liked the look I created for you today, and if you did, feel free to jump on over to my blog and have a look for more. Have a great day!

Dina from The Secretary's Nail Art

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge 13-Animal Print

Hello lovelies! I thought I'd get stuck straight back into the 31 week challenge in a bid to get it finished by the end of the year. This week's theme is animal print and I had originally planned to do zebra print but it went disastrously wrong so I started over and went with leopard print instead. I chose an awesome neon green for the base (Moyra-#66) and shiny black (Revlon-Black Star) and white (Barry M-Matt White) for the spots because I wanted something bright and in your face! These are my first Moyras and they're kinda awesome-I'm wearing three coats and there's only the tiniest hint of nail line left, and it applied so nicely!

You can't deny that they're bright! I think they're fab, and I reckon I've improved a little since the first time I tried leopard print too!

Anyway, gotta skidaddle, it's Bake Off time! (Who else is excited?!)

~Nail Art Novice~

Monday, 4 August 2014

Glitter Me Monday: Tara's Talons-Fun House

Hello my lovelies! Finally getting my nails back on my blog again after more than a month! I had a fantastic time in Australia but my nails have really suffered for it and are now back to being nubbins again-boo!
In a bid to use up some of my many many glitter toppers, I am introducing a new feature to my blog-Glitter Me Mondays-where each week I will use a different glitter topper or glitter polish. I reckon it could take me a fair while to get through them all!

For the first Monday I have gone with a really cheerful polish to brighten up my little nubs-Tara's Talons-Fun House. It's an explosion of different colours and shapes of glitters and it's just a little bit mad and I love it! I've gone for two coats over Barry M-Kiwi  (definitely becoming a summer favourite of mine!) so together they're a really bright splash of colour.

I don't even mind my poor, short nails with this combo, so bright and fun =)

Don't forget that I have a Tara's Talons giveaway going on at the moment and that you can do some nail art as an entry option. I currently haven't had any entries this way so there's a good chance of winning if you do ;)

~Nail Art Novice~
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