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My name's Jenni/Nail Art Novice and I'm a UK based nail art lover. I began this blog as a way to explore more techniques for creating awesome nail art, to improve my skill and to connect with the fabulous nail art community for hints, tips and friendship!

I got into Nail Art in early 2012, when I realised that if I kept my nails painted all the time they grew better and broke a lot less often. I started playing around with different colours and crackle top coats, and then I found nail art blogs on the internet and it was like someone opening a door to a rainbow coloured, glittery world for me. I started my own blog in January 2013, originally as a place to record my manis but it's grown into so much more than that and I love it dearly now. I've learned a lot of things along the way and have tried out a lot of new techniques, but I still consider myself a Novice in the art-and I always will-there's always more to learn and more to try! Along the way I developed an unhealthy obsession with nail polish-my collection has quadrupled this year!

I'm a bit of lot of a science nerd as well as a sci-fi one-Doctor Who and Red Dwarf are amongst my favourite TV shows. I love to act/sing/generally be on a stage/in a theatre and I'm never happier than when under a spotlight. At the moment I'm unemployed (which isn't great for supporting a burgeoning nail polish obsession!) but I hope to change that soon, as I am hoping to move back to the city I went to university in in the New Year and try and get my life back on track!

If you really want to know me better then check out my other, non-nail blog: My Every Day Adventure where I write about my life and all the things going on in it.

So that's me! Say hello, I love hearing from you!

~Nail Art Novice~

P.S If you want to know more, I was recently featured on the 'Wear My Fashion' blogzine, so go here to check it out!

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