Saturday, 2 March 2013

31 Day Challenge...but not the one you're thinking of...

I discovered a 31 Day Blogging challenge on AlyssiaRose's lovely lifestyle blog (she also has a nail one right here too!) and really wanted to take part. Originally from, it challenges you to post a blog a day for 31 days on yourself and your life. Except...I'm not going to do it properly. I don't want to post every day, so I intend to do one or two posts every weekend until I've done them all. This way I can fit them into my life and also my blogging schedule a little better than trying to do one each day for a month, so for me it's a 31 Posts blog challenge. If you want to join in and link up, then the original post from Tiffany is just here and there is a linkup at the bottom of each of her own 31 Day posts.

Here's the list of blog prompts:

Today is day number one-Self Portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

Photography by Michael Lau
It's weird, this is the first time you'll be seeing me on this blog! I've never put a picture of my face up, just my nails. Oh and I cannot draw, so you aren't getting a hand drawn masterpiece I'm afraid. I love this picture though, it was from a photo shoot me and Rara went on in December because we had a voucher for a cheap one. This photo was taken without me realising it when Rara had just made me laugh and I love it. It's so me-the random bright coloured ducks and the Doc Martens and the big grin on my face =)

5 Random Facts
1. I am having a love affair with Doc Martens-I currently have 5 pairs and I'm not ready to stop yet. I honestly think if I could have a pair of Docs and a pair of my comfiest heels in every colour, I'd never buy shoes again.
2. I've never seen Star Wars...or ET...or to be honest most films that you "have" to watch. When I come across those lists of '100 films to watch before you die' I've usually watched about 6 of them and they're cartoons or musicals. I'm just not massively into films, I'm much more of a book person.
3. I'm unemployed and it sucks. I hate it. I really wish someone, anyone would give me a job to give me back my freedom and life, and give me a reason to get out of my pyjamas every day.
4. I also can't drive. I've had 2 lots of lessons and never come close to passing my test. This is something I am determined to change in the next couple of months though.
5. My favourite band is Queen, and always will be. I'm as much as a fangirl as you can be when a band is no longer in existence (sadly, RIP Freddie!). I looooove them. I can't even pick a favourite song because I love that every album of theirs has a different sound to it and I reckon they're all awesome.

So there you have it. Who knew thinking of 5 random facts could be so hard to do? I'll be back tomorrow with day 2, probably.

~Nail Art Novice~

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