Sunday, 10 March 2013

31 Post Challenge 3-What Makes You Happy?

It's a strange one for me this. Not because I don't have anything that makes me happy but because I'm generally a happy person, it's my base level of emotion I think. It just feels peculiar thinking of specific examples I guess.

What makes me happy:

  • Wearing my Docs and a mini skirt and being all stompy and sexy and awesome.
  • Laughing at stupid stuff with my friends until my sides hurt and I can't stop smiling and all of a sudden it's 4am and no-one noticed. 
  • Getting awesome things in the post.
  • Mastering a song on my bass so it sounds perfect, doesn't happen often but when it does it's brilliant.
  • When my hair works with me and looks fabulous rather than a raggedy mess.
  • Prancing around the house in pyjamas and a pair of stilettos.
  • Singing along to my favourite songs much too loudly when I'm home alone. 
  • Being Employed!! (hint hint to the mystery jobs fairy)
  • The first warm day after winter, and scrunching through leaves in autumn.
  • And of course, wearing something awesome on my nails so that every time I look down at my fingers it makes me smile!

Think I'll stick to 10, otherwise I could go on for much longer!

~Nail Art Novice~

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