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Ask A British Nail Blogger

Every two weeks the group of British Bloggers I'm in gets a question to answer about something to do with their nail blogging routine and I thought I'd join in this week because it seems quite fun-I love finding out new things about my favourite bloggers, don't you? I think it's nice seeing beyond the nails to the person who owns them sometimes. There will be a link up at the bottom if you wanted to read other people's answers.

Anyway, this week's question is

What is/are your most wanted polish(/es)?
There are so many. If I could afford it I'd basically just go on Etsy and have a spree of buying amazing Indie polishes because there are just SO many that make my heart beat a little faster. There's also some more main stream polishes that I need but just can't afford yet, and then there's a couple which are just pipedreams!

Photo from Chalkboard Nails
-China Glaze Running in Circles 
Oh man. I have to have this, every time I see a post using it I want it more. It's SO me. Green is my favourite colour, especially this lovely emerald green. And it's glittery. And beautiful. When I get a job I'm going to spend some of my first payday on this beauty. (I know it's not massively expensive but I just can't really warrant £7 on one polish at the mo, sadly!)

Photo from Ooh La La Polish

-Essie Butler Please/Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
 I don't really care which one of these I end up with, they're so similar-it'll probably end up being whichever one is cheapest! This is such a beautiful shade of blue. Basically I had an awesome idea for a mani a while ago, one I've never seen done before. But I can't do it until I have one of these blues because they're perfect and I don't really have anything similar enough in my collection to use in the meantime. Again, this will be a first payday purchase.

Photo from One Nail To Rule Them All
-Barry M Lychee
I was going to buy this the other day but they didn't have any in the shop, boo. I don't have any polishes that are similar to this and I really like the colour-something that surprised me. I've seen a lot of amazing nail art done with it and I think it's just a staple polish that should be in every stash. Hoping Boots will have some in next time I visit! (I love how cheap Barry M's are for such good quality polish!)

There's more, so many more, that I'd like, but these are the top 3 that I really feel are must haves for me. If money was no object I'd just buy every polish I wanted, no hesitation, but sadly I'm living in the real world so I have to limit myself to only buying polish when I can afford it, sigh.

Oh and here's my pipedream wish, that I understand I'll probably never get but still kinda want anyway:

Photo from Chalkboard Nails
-OPI Black Spotted
I know, I know. I just really like the effects it gives-like Crackle but infinitely cooler. I'm never going to be prepared to pay £20-£30 for ONE bottle of polish though, so I am glad people like CutePolish have come up with this Water Spotted technique (similar to water marbling) so that people who aren't millionaires can still get the look. I still love this though, if I win the lottery...

~Nail Art Novice~

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