Saturday, 23 March 2013

31 Post Challenge 4-Best Childhood Memory

I can honestly say that I had a brilliant childhood. While my mum and I may not see eye to eye as often now I am an adult, as a child she was definitely brilliant. I can't really pick one favourite childhood memory because I was lucky enough to enjoy a lot of it- most of it in fact. I have memories of play dates where she'd make a treasure hunt throughout the house leaving clues for me and my friend to decipher, and there'd always be something fun or something tasty at the end. She'd make us 'McMummy's' which were like MacDonalds only better because they were in our own house and the Alphabites would spell something out. Me and Rara have grown up with board games and craft days and trips to Sundown (basically an awesome theme park for kids) or the beach, or the American Adventure theme park, which used to be just up the road from us until they shut it down in 2007-sob! (I've gone all nostalgic now).
I'm an only child so I also have lots of memories of inventing games to play by myself and with my teddies-which I know might sound quite "sad" but I was happy. It's made me a very independent person who's quite contented in my own company so I definitely wouldn't knock it.
While I may not be able to choose my favourite childhood memory simply because there are too many to choose from, I have to say that I can totally appreciate how lucky I was to have amazing parents that made it awesome for me. I am especially thankful that from an early age they nurtured my love of theatre-I had the soundtrack of 'Joseph' on tape and played it constantly (still know all the words!), as well as watching the film probably at least once a week. Once I got older my family and I started making annual trips to London to see shows there and I just fell in love with the whole experience and still try to go as often as I can. So while I might not have a specific memory in mind to answer this prompt, I can definitely say that those trips to the theatre are up there!

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