Sunday, 31 March 2013

31 Post Challenge 5-Favourite Movies

*pulls a face*
I'm not really big on films reeeally, I'm a book girl at heart. I don't really watch films all that often and if I do I try not to watch the same ones too many times otherwise they get boring. Genre-wise I like good quality animations, comedies (especially awkward British ones!) and the odd musical. So yeah, there probably aren't any films I'd never get sick of watching but there are a few that I have watched more than others, I guess:
NB: Originally this post was without pictures but it looked so dull and boring that I went back and added them in to liven it up a bit! Hopefully it's still readable?

Man I just adore this tiny robot, he's so cute! I love the fact that for the first half an hour of this film there's no talking but you totally understand what's going on, I love the fact that he's in a love story that works against all the odds and that he saves the earth to boot. (And actually, with one...) This is my go to 'I need cheering up with loveliness' movie and it never fails to make me go a bit mushy inside.

-Despicable Me
Frankly this story is entirely ridiculous but it completely works. The minions are adorable and comic and wonderful, and the ending makes me fight back against tearing up every time. Lovely and ludicrous.

-The Boat That Rocked
An excellent example of a very British movie that I love. I love the music, I love the actors, I love the story and the fact it's inspired by real life pirate radio stations. It's a bit weird, and has very British humour in it, which I adore. Plus did I mention the music is excellent?


-Hot Fuzz
Again I love this because of the Britishness of it-the way it mocks American action movies with its west country accents and its quaint little village setting, but then its still full of humour and guns and explosions and awesomeness-Pegg and Frost anyone? It's not trying to take itself seriously but it's funny and ridiculous and brilliant all the same.

-Avengers Assemble
I'd never seen a comic-book-turned-movie before this one, and I went on a whim with friends and totally loved it. It's funny, and yes it's an action movie which normally I hate but this one is a little tongue in cheek. Plus I can accept it more readily because it's not meant to be taken as 'could happen in real life' what with the superheros and alien invasions and all. I think it was very well done and really enjoy it every time I see it! (Especially sexy Thor, phwoar!)

OK, so that wasn't actually as difficult as I thought it was going to be-maybe I do like films, after all!

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