Monday, 18 March 2013

West End Nails

Hello all! Rara here again.
As you may have noticed many of the titles for some of our blog posts will be song lyrics-we are always singing (often bursting into song at inappropriate times) and we love going to the theatre together. This thought occurred to me at work the other day and inspired me into doing West End musical themed nails.
I used Barry M-Matt White, Avon-Inspire, Avon-Mint Green and Andrea Fulerton Dot and Flick in Black as my polishes.
I took my inspiration from Cats, Wicked, We Will Rock You, The Lion King and The Phantom Of The Opera.
These are my results...

Thumb: Cats

Index: The 'i' of Wicked

Middle: Freddie Mercury  from We Will Rock You

Ring: Lion King
Sorry, didn't realise this was blurry on the camera!

Pinky: Phantom of the Opera mask


I was quite impressed with these, especially tiny Freddie and the prancing cat in the left eye, which in my opinion look remarkably similar to the actual posters. 
I did these using just a thin brush. The only thing I would do differently would be the Wicked nail as I realise it looks nothing like the Wicked 'i' as I am definitely not clever or skilled enough to draw such a tiny witch!
It was quite difficult doing these on my right hand as they were so intricate!
All that is left to say is Hakuna Matata, Another [nail blog] Bites the Dust, All I Ask Of that you keep on reading them, and remember that Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly!

Another [blog] Ends, Another [one] is Dawning...


P.S It took ages to think of all those song lyrics, hope you appreciate them!

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  1. These are AMAZING. I want a little Freddie on my finger... :)


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