Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rara Does Alice In Wonderland Nails

Welcome back Jenni!!!!!
I have missed your face (and your nails!) Hoping to see some more beautiful creations soon!

So my news this week is that I have left the (horrible) job I have been stuck in for two years and started a new one at Boots! I am really looking forward to the new challenges and meet new people. Also can't wait for the discount on nail varnish haha!
So after my first week, I feel saturated with new information and decided to take a break this weekend and do some nail art. I decided to do Alice In Wonderland nails because my week feels slightly mad and disorientating!! Please ignore my slightly fat Alice, she has had too much tea and cake!

A lot of polishes used again so if you want to know any in particular please comment below and I will be happy to tell you.

Looking forward to my new adventures,
Rara in Wonderland


  1. Aww these are fun and cute! Great job on them.

  2. haha these are fun i really love the design on the thumb nail xxxx


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