Saturday, 9 August 2014

Guest Post-The Secretary's Nail Art

This post comes with an apology to Dina-she sent me this to put up as a guest post while I was in Australia and I somehow managed to lose it amongst my emails and therefore never posted it-apologies! Putting that right now, so enjoy her lovely nails! ~NAN~

Hello gorgeous, I am Dina from Secretary's Nail Art, you can find my blog over at

 When Jenni  asked for Guest bloggers I just had to jump to her rescue. Both being based in UK, I felt the sisterhood feeling rise in me. Sisters gotta stay together. I have been following this blog for a long time now, and it is so cool to be starring on it. I hope Jenni is having great break, from running the blog, and focusing about chilling out and enjoying some time off. Since Jenni often promotes UK indies and such,  I wanted to keep this manicure at bit, shall we say, British. I used MoYou-London Mother Nature plates, Barry M, and W7 polishes.

First off I started out with Barry M - 302 - Fuchsia (when ever I look at that word I just can't believe it's suppose to be spelled like that). After two coats I was still seeing some VNL, but since I was going to stamp over it, I didn't bother about a third coat.

It's a very bright and glossy colour, and I didn't want anything that would compete too much with the base, so I opted for Barry M - Ltd.- 148 - Lilac Foil and W7 - 58 - Pink Chrome for the stamping. I used MoYou-London Mother Nature Collection - 05 for the tips with Barry M - Lilac Foil, and  MoYou-London Mother Nature Collection -  07 with W7 - Pink Chrome as an accent on my middle finger.

I am very pleased with this look, and is actually the first look I have created using these two plates. Sorry about the bonus cat hair, seems like he want's to be a part of my pictures whenever I do my nails. As soon as the camera gets out, he is there.

I hope you all liked the look I created for you today, and if you did, feel free to jump on over to my blog and have a look for more. Have a great day!

Dina from The Secretary's Nail Art


  1. What a nice guest post! These nails are great! I like that silver stamping a lot especially with the birds.

  2. I really like the little silver birds they are so pretty xxxx


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