Thursday, 9 January 2014

Guest Post by Lisa of Geordie Nails!

Hey lovelies! I've got a guest post for you this week, and I guess I should explain; this week I was supposed to be moving back to my beloved city of Sheffield, and so I had planned to take the entire week off blogging, hence the guest post. In actuality, the room I thought was mine got given to someone else (heart breakingly!) and so I'm not moving...yet! I'm still determined to get back there! The lovely Lisa sent me this post before I knew the room had fallen through, so I thought it would be rude not to use it since she's been so kind!


Hello! I'm Lisa from the blog Geordie Nails, and Jenni of Nail Art Novice has very kindly let me write a guest post while she's busy moving house. I decided to go with a well-wishing new home manicure!

 For the design I used two stamping plates: Cheeky's Home Sweet Home and Bundle Monster BM315. To start with I painted a base colour of Model's Own's Blueberry Muffin, a very pale (and pleasantly scented) blue-purple. On my thumbs and ring fingers I painted Nails Inc.'s Maida Vale glitter as accent nails. And then onto the stamping! The Cheeky plate has a lovely full-nail "home sweet home" image; I used a cotton bud to remove the parts of the design I didn't need from the stamper before putting the houses and lettering onto my nails. I finished the design with a silver bird flying to its new home. 

Here it is:

The best of wishes to Nail Art Novice for your move and I hope you're very happy in your new home! 
Lisa, Geordie Nails xx


How lovely is that? The colours/glitter look awesome together and the stamping is perfect! Thank you to Lisa for doing this, even if I'm not moving at the moment, the sentiment is still very much appreciated. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get there soon folks!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Really creative design Lisa! Good luck on your move Jenni :)

  2. What a awesome manicure LIsa! Looks fantastic :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Aw thank you very much for publishing it! I have my fingers crossed that you get there in the future xx


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