Friday, 31 January 2014

Resolutions Check-In

At the start of the year I made some blogging resolutions, which you can read in this post. I promised to post on how well I was keeping to them in a bid to shame me into actually sticking to them!

Resolution #1-Lemony Flutter
I did buy myself some Lemony Flutter at the start of the year and I have been using it...sporadically. I have to say I don't remember to do it 9 manis out of 10 so I don't think my cuticles have seen much improvement this month. However, I am trying to remember to put it on every night before I go to bed, and hopefully that will help them a little more.

Resolution #2-Spend no more than £20 on polish things a month and/or buy no more than 4 polishes a month
I had to be very harsh on myself with this one because it's very easy to just nip into poundland and pick up 10 new pretties and still have spent nowhere near £20, but I'm including all things nails (excluding remover but including delivery) so that I don't just splurge! January was meant to be a no-buy month for me and I did really well (for me!) but caved in towards the end of it. 

Items bought: 
-Lemony Flutter, £6.50
-2 SJ Polishes in her closing down sale (and only because she was closing down!) for £10 (including postage).

There's been lots of UK Indies closing their doors this month, which is really sad to see, and I had to stop myself ordering from them all! I did place a Pocket Money Polish order before she closed, but Charlie has very kindly allowed me to delay my payment until February, meaning they will count on next month's total. 

Total spent: £16.50
Under/Over budget: Under
Number of new polishes acquired: Two
Fewer/More than four? Fewer 

So I guess that's two thumbs up for this month. My boyfriend has challenged me to keep this up ALL YEAR but we'll have to see how that goes for me. I can't promise I'll be so good once I have regular income, haha!

To end I'll share some pics of this month's pretties:

It's only in uploading this picture that I've noticed
the spelling mistake...that's annoying.
Matte Party, Sprung
Matte Party (over Sinful Colours-Amethyst)
Sprung (over Sally Hansen-Himalayan Blue)

That's all for this month!

~Nail Art Novice ~


  1. Looks like you've been doing well so far :)

  2. If you keep entering giveaways... then you'll never need to buy your own nail polish lol

    1. Yes, this is an excellent to just find a way to rig it so I always win...hmm

      Actually the last giveaway I won was the OMD! one =D


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