Friday, 10 January 2014

Raise Your Glass If You Are Wrong In All The Right Ways

Hello lovelies!
Happy Friday! Just a quick post today. I'm wearing W7-Black with Tara's Talons-Raise A Glass over the top and I am LOVING this combo. Raise A Glass is an awesome gold flaky, I've never seen one similar and I love it! I reckon it'll look awesome over a whole heap of colours and I love the irregularity of the shapes and the way it makes my nails flash in the light. This is only one coat too so you get loads of glitter per brush stroke-it's basically fabulous!

Please excuse my poor, sad nubs and my shoddy attempts at clean up-I am currently visiting friends so am not able to access my clean up stuff and so had to make do with cotton buds!

It's so pretty though! Sparkle sparkle =D

Enjoy the weekend!

~Nail Art Novice~


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