Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge Week 24-Inspired By A Decade

Finally, finally, I'm back with another Mish Mash mani-there's still a fair few to go before the end of the challenge! This one was one of my suggestions-inspired by a decade-and I've always known what I wanted to do for it! First I should perhaps show you my inspiration, my faaaaaaabulous 70s glam rock boots:

Haha, I love these babies! You can't help but strut when you wear them! I decided to combine some nail art based on them with some retro 70s style wallpaper, with a little help from this tutorial by Holy Grail Nails. I've had this bookmarked to do since I first got into blogging, can't believe it's taken so long!
Polishes used: Rimmel-Azure, London Girl-#46, Revlon-Silver Screen, Barry M-Navy, Barry M-Lady.

Love these! I think they work on two levels-while they are quite retro I also think the colours look a little "futuristic"-like what they thought the 2000s were going to look like in old 80s films and stuff.

Glad to be back with the Mish Mashers!

~Nail Art Novice~

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