Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Hate Cleaning Up!

I really do, I reckon it's one of the worst bits about being a nail blogger and sometimes it takes twice as long as the mani itself-so annoying! I was having a discussion about this in a FB group once and lots of ladies seemed to agree with me so I decided to set up a bit of a silly collaborative post showing off our messiest nails without cleaning up first. Nail blogging doesn't always need to be serious, after all, and I thought it would be a bit of fun! Here's my effort, and it's gloriously messy!

Polishes used: Color Club Holo Hues-Kismet, Angel Kiss and Over The Moon. These were my last treat to myself of 2013 before my buying restrictions came in this year, and they're simply BEAUTIFUL. So much sparkle! I used the three together as a gradient and then stamped over the top with Sally Hansen-Purple Bolt and MoYou London-Pro 9. I still need a lot of practice placing my stamps but I love the colours together, and the way the holo smacks you in the face is pretty amazing.

And just in case you wanted to see it all cleaned up too...here's the finished product (I have recently discovered what a wonder PVA glue is for helping clean up and I will admit it makes it so much quicker! Still my least favourite job though!) :

Yay for messy manis!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Replies
    1. Yup! Whack it around your nails on the skin, do your mani and then peel it off! It's awesome!

  2. Cleanup is the worst.. i agree!

  3. I agree as well! Though I can't believe I waited so long to use pure acetone - it has been a lifesaver!

    This is such a gorgous mani BTW!

    1. Yeah, I do love pure acetone although it does dry my hands out something chronic! Lifesaver though!

      Thank you =D

  4. good on you for showing the downside of cleanin up your nails,and thanks for the tips, from poppins nails x

  5. You are so funny! Now I wish I had joined this challenge :(

  6. I don't like cleaning up either!


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