Thursday, 1 August 2013


~This post is pre-scheduled because I am currently away~

I am a bit excited about these, there's just something awesome about having something glowing at the end of your fingertips when you turn the light off, haha. That's the main reason I bought them-I'd seen a couple on other people's blogs and wanted to join in the fun myself! I found them on ebay here but they are also available on the Born Pretty Store with free shipping (although the glow in the dark ones are currently unlisted-sorry!).
I got myself 3 colours because I wanted to see if you could really see the difference in the glow colours- #5 (Bright green), #6 (Bright Blue) and #10 (Fuchsia sort of colour). I applied these over a couple of coats of Barry M-Matt White because they are fairly sheer and have a jelly consistency. I'd never understood why people say jellies are 'squishy' when they dry but now I've used these I understand-they're not glossy and shiny like most polishes but aren't matte either. Squishy is perfect!

Anyway, pictures! The first is taken under natural light, the second with flash and the third in the dark to show you the glow, all with a topcoat of Seche Vite.

They do actually glow a little brighter but I was finding it really hard to capture. You can sort of see the differences in the colours though-the pink definitely is glowing a different colour to the other two. They were bright enough to cast light onto my pillow in bed at least!

Honestly? I love these. The formula isn't the greatest and they did take about 3 coats to become properly opaque even over the white polish but I can forgive them because it's just so much fun having glow in the dark nails and they weren't especially expensive! I couldn't stop playing with these in the dark-TOO FUN =D

~Nail Art Novice~

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