Monday, 5 August 2013

Sethir's Shinies Review

~Pic Heavy Post~
A good friend of mine has started making and selling some gorgeous nail art on false nails on Etsy and I promised him that I would share them on my blog. He (yes, he's that elusive thing-a man who enjoys nail art!) started off doing nail art on his girlfriend's nails and has since produced some really gorgeous stuff.

Photograph courtesy of Sethir's Shinies

Photograph courtesy of Sethir's Shinies

Photograph courtesy of Sethir's Shinies

His nail art is really fab and he is more than prepared to make custom orders for people if you don't see what you fancy in his shop. There are more examples of the stuff he's done over at

The nails I received were these peacock ones, only I asked if they could be done on a lighter base so you could see the colours better. A few days later they arrived and they're really gorgeous! They were beautifully packaged and wrapped up well too, so they arrived intact, and got here only a couple of days after they were posted-Fab!

My camera refuses to pick up the gold shimmer in each feather 'eye' but
it's definitely visible in real life!

You get 12 nails in each set and they're all slightly different sizes so that you can match them to your own nail beds. Because of this each set comes with two thumb nail accents to ensure that you can find one to fit you. I haven't actually worn mine yet because I'm saving them for a special occasion, but I've sized them to my nails and found that there's easily one to fit each of them. A friend of mine with (to quote her) "very busy hands" ordered some of these and hers lasted 4 days, so I imagine you could get them to last a week if you weren't doing too much hard work (perfect for holidays!) They come with a tube of nail glue which you will need some sort of solvent (like acetone) to remove, which might damage the nails. Alternatively if you wanted to wear them on more than one occasion without damaging them (though not for as long) then you could use sticky pads to attach them. Either way you'll be getting some really great nail art to treasure.

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Oh wow, gorgeous designs! I love the ones with polka dots and roses. :)

  2. I think some pop-art would be awesome on those nails!

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  4. I would love to see some one-stroke flowers!

  5. Would love to see flowers vintage one


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