Saturday, 27 April 2013

31BPC 8-Biggest Pet Peeves

I am a person who has a lot of pet peeves, I'm sorry to say. I just get annoyed really easily by little things and  end up ranting about it on Twitter sometimes! Picking just one for this post would be impossible:

1. People who play their music out loud on public transport.
Also if their music is so loud I can hear it over their headphones, that's just as bad for me. It's just so rude. The wonderful thing about music is that everyone has their own bands/songs that they like and dislike and it's a very personal thing. Which is why it really annoys me if I can hear your music blasting out over the top of my own/the conversation I'm trying to have-because you're assuming that everyone else around you wants to listen to the same things as you, or worse not caring if it bothers anyone. It drives me mad because it ends up being all I can hear and I have been known to move to an entirely different train carriage before to get away from someone being this inconsiderate.

2. Poor spelling and grammar.
In particular mis-use of apostrophes! I see it everywhere and it makes me twitch. Now I'm not necessarily talking about blog posts and FB posts here-I would never correct someone's grammar in this situation because I realise that a lot of people are sensitive about it, and you just come off as a bit of a nobhead (s'quse my French!) if you do. But in public or in a way that's supposed to promote a service you offer? It's ridiculous. It looks so unprofessional to have apostrophes to make words plural or the wrong use of 'your' in an advert or something. For instance there's a tattoo parlour near me that has 'TATTOO'S' in large black letters over the door. I'm really not sure why you would choose to go and get something inked on you FOREVER from a tattoo parlour that can't even punctuate its own sign correctly-I mean would you risk it??

3. People who assume I'm going to have children.
This is a very personal one, but one that really gets on my nerves. I'm don't want to have children, for a myriad of reasons, but it's something I've thought about a lot. This is why it drives me so mad when I tell people this and their response is "Oh but you'll change your mind when you get older" or "It's different when it's your own though". I would much prefer them to respect my decision rather than telling me that I'm too young to make it yet, or just being shocked that I know I'm not going to have any. The worst ones are people who respond with "you'll get all broody when the hormones kick in in 5 years time though" as if just because I am a woman with ovaries I am destined to want to have children one day. It's my choice and my body and my life, and if one day I do change my mind that will also be up to me and not anyone else. I can't see it happening though!

I'm going to stop there because there are so many more that I have but it'd take me forever to type them all out!

Until next time,

~Nail Art Novice~

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  1. I'm with you with loud music and no headphones. I don't like when people do that anywhere. Like really.

    1. Ugh, it's so irritating isn't it? I was on the bus yesterday and I could have sung along because this woman was playing it so loudly =(


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