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Lovely Liebsters and Other Things...

I recently came across this picture, I think it's my
favourite Liebster pic of them all!
I got nominated for a Liebster award by Megan at Megan Box Nails and then on the same day also got nominated for a 'Best Blog' award by Kate at Pimped Out Nails and on reading them they seem very similar so I thought I'd skirt around the rules a little and combine them both together. I found a bit of background to the Liebsters on this blog, if you have no idea what they are-chances are though you've come across some on other people's blogs before.
So what I'm going to do is skip out the 11 facts part of the Liebster (if you're bitterly disappointed check out my first 31BPC post instead) and just answer the 11 questions from each of the lovely ladies who nominated me.

Megan's Questions:
1. What was your dream last night?
Heh, I always have really weird dreams. I can't remember all of it but I know at one point I ended up getting my ear pierced four times even though I had originally gone in for an entirely different piercing. There was a lot of running and hiding from things too, I seem to recall. ODD.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in lust at first sight, yes, not so sure about love. I think you can't love someone properly without knowing them well first, but you can certainly fancy them from the first meeting!

3. Did you have a fear when you were little that terrified you, but now you couldn't care less about?, not really. I was a pretty fearless child. I've actually got more afraid of stupid things since I got older, although I've never liked crowds, even as a child and definitely not as an adult.

4. What's one thing you like about yourself?
I like quite a lot about myself, really. I'm quite a confident person, and I like the fact that I will talk to anyone, even in awkward situations.

5. Favourite clothing brand?
Most of my stuff comes from Dorothy Perkins so I guess there, or Qwertee T-shirts!

6. What's one word you use the most?
This changes fairly frequently, but I know at the moment I am definitely over using the word 'marvellous'-sounds ridiculously British but I kinda like the hint of eccentricity =p

7. What's the last movie you watched?
Erm...I actually had to turn my TV on to see what was in my DVD player. Apparently it's Gnomeo and Juliet, which is a very excellent film =)

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Stratford-upon-Avon, Britain. I sort of fell in love with it last time I went, I want to live in a tiny Tudor cottage with a higgeldy-piggedly roof and lots of beautiful knick-knacks inside. When I get rich. Other than that I'd settle for wonderful Sheffield! (I'm a home bird, I have no desire to live anywhere except this wonderful rainy little country!)

9. If you could change one thing about the world regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Well that's a big question! I'd either make it so David Cameron never came to power in Britain to mess EVERYTHING up again, or I'd make sure that everyone in the world had access to free healthcare and education, regardless of location, gender, etc etc. Y'know, if I had a magic wand.

10. Type of music you dislike the most?
Can I say modern music in general? I don't like most of the stuff that's around today. If I had to pick one genre though it'd probably be drum and bass, it's just awful NOISE to me.

11. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Oooh, someone awesome like Neil Gaiman or Stephen Fry who I would be able to have an intellectual conversation with and would make me laugh.

Kate's Questions:
1.What is your favourite blog/website to look at?
You mean I have to only choose one?!?! Too hard!
OK so my favourite go-to website for procrastination is which is a site where people submit stories of stupid/rude customers to so other people can read and enjoy them. I think it's brilliant, personally!

2. What do you want to get out of blogging?
I really love the communities I have found through blogging, letting me interact with people who have similar interests to me. I want to improve my nail art technique as well as get to know more of these awesome ladies.

3. What made you decide to start your blog?
I'd got to the point where I was starting to enjoy doing different effects on my nails and wanted to share them with people-but none of my friends were ever interested or even noticed! I thought I'd start a blog to help me improve my technique, record all my efforts and hopefully find some people to talk about polish and nail art with =)

4. What is your one favourite nail polish?
Again this is a hard one...and there's so many I love that I don't even own! I've recently fallen for L'Oreal's Magic Croisette though-a lovely royal blue with greeny/aquay/goldy shimmers running through it.

5. If you had to choose one nail design to have for the rest of your life what would it be?
Fishtails/Braided manis, I really love how they look and how easy they are to do, and obviously there's endless colour combinations for them!

6. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, I have one on my left foot that reads 'All The World's A Stage', which is a quote from my favourite Shakespeare play and also very applicable to my life!

7. What is your one go-to product that you can't live without?
Probably something boring like Vaseline or some other form of lip balm. I have never been able to tolerate having dry or cracked lips.

8. Who is No. 1 on your list of dream dates?
I honestly don't think I have a list of dream dates-is that weird? Oooh I do quite fancy Robert Sheehan though, with his lovely hazel eyes and big pouty lips...OK I may have just started a list of dream dates now!

9. Are you an Apple or PC user?
I am whole heartedly a PC user. I don't own any Apple products (no, not even an iPod!) and I will keep on refusing to buy them until they take over and monopolise everything. I don't really have a good reason for this, I just don't really like them, plus they're SUPER expensive!

10. What is your No. 1 beauty tip?
Erm, I don't think I have one really. I'm very much for loving yourself over changing the way you look so I guess my best tip would be something like you don't have to change yourself/cover yourself up to be beautiful, just change the way you look at yourself and find the beauty that everyone else can see.

11. Are you happy in life and what would you change if you could?
Generally I'm very happy in my life, and wouldn't change much, certainly not much about myself. If I could have 3 wishes though I'd have a job, a home in Sheffield and the ability to drive without having to learn, then I'd be perfectly contented.

So there we are. I'm also going to skip tagging other bloggers in this, because I've not exactly done it conventionally anyway, and I always feel a tiny bit awkward asking someone to do something like this, just in case they don't want to or something. Also I know a lot of people have already received a Liebster award so I don't want to re-nominate anyone by accident.

Thanks a lot to the two lovelies who nominated me-Megan and Kate- I've really enjoyed doing this! Your questions were brilliant and really interesting to answer.

~Nail Art Novice~

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  1. :D question 9: There was a time when Apple had about 3% of the market share and some of us (mostly graphic designers, print and web) feared they would go out of business, that was 1997. (I work off both platforms). Not to worry, lucky for you, PCs still dominate the world market, by far, and has for decades.


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