Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ask A British Nail Blogger II

Time for another British Bloggers question! This week it's:

How Do You Store Your Polish?

Easy answer-in these!

Yes that is a Christmas tree in the background.
Yes my room is full of stuff that really needs sorting.

When I was at uni I used to keep all my polishes in my makeup bag, although that was getting more and more impractical as I bought more. When I came home for good, I decided I needed somewhere to keep them more permanently and as luck would have it I found these Ikea drawers again. I've had them for years and they didn't really have much in when I first rediscovered them but now the smaller one on the left holds all my "extra bits" and the one on the right holds my ever expanding collection of polishes!

This is how my polishes are arranged-the swatch wheels live in the appropriate drawers and I group the polishes together by colour. Top left is purple, grey and white, top middle is red and brown, top right is glitter toppers, indies and crackle effect types, middle left is blue and black, middle right is green and yellow and the bottom drawer is currently pinks, silvers, oranges and nudes, plus extra bits such as base coat and top coat. The groupings do keep changing based on how many of each colour I have though! (I don't know what I'll do when I end up with altogether too many of one colour!)
I also tag the top of the bottle with a sticker swatched in that polish, so I can see exactly what I want when I'm looking from above. 
The second, smaller set of drawers has all the non-polish bits I need-decals, stampers, swatch sticks (which I use to practice designs on), sponges, extra remover/cotton pads, Seche Restore, tape, stickers and brushes. I also have a stool next to my work area that has become a home for the polishes I'm using at the moment, my remover and topcoat/basecoats. It's not the best set up in the world (as I routinely knock it over!) but it'll do for now, until I move out!

So there you have it. If you want to know how more sensible people store their polishes then check out the links at the bottom.

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Great post about how you store your polish. I have it in a drawer in my computer table but I'm planning to get a storage cube from Micheal's soon since it's overflowing, lol!


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