Saturday, 13 April 2013

31 Blog Post Challenge 7-Dream Job

What's my dream job? To tell the truth I have no idea! When I went off to uni I had a plan for my life-I was going to complete my Biomedical Science degree and then go on to do Medicine so I could eventually work as a pathologist but this was a bit of a flawed plan. 1-I hadn't realised David Cameron would come along and make it so that I would never be able to afford to do a second degree, 2-I hadn't banked on not getting the grades required for med school and 3-(and this is probably very important!) that I am absolutely pants at anatomy. Don't get me wrong, I love it, it's really interesting, but I'm totally rubbish at it. So I basically came out of uni with a degree in a subject I'd kinda lost interest in and no future ambitions or dreams, and I'm still in that same place really. I don't know what I want to do with my life, which is a bit sad because I'd wanted to be a pathologist since I was 14! I imagine I'll end up in a lab or a hospital of some sort, because I really love science, but I have no idea at this point in time.

~Nail Art Novice~

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Ooh while I'm here I thought I'd tell you that I've joined a challenge group with Kimber's Lacquer Korner doing the ABC challenge! Basically this means once a week posting a nail art design/technique/nail polish name etc etc beginning with a specific letter, one for every one of the alphabet. They're already up to 'N' so I've joined at the half way mark. I am hoping to get an N design posted in the next couple of days and obviously there will be a link up with everyone else's (I'm a few days behind due to wanting to co-ordinate nails and outfit for Rara's birthday party this week, so if everything works to plan you'll get both an N and an O post next week!)
This has no relevance to the 31BPC posts, but I just thought I'd tell you all while I remembered. Keep an eye out for those posts next week, and happy polishing!

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