Friday, 5 April 2013

More Easter Nail Art!

Rara's back today with another awesome Easter/Spring inspired nail art. Yes I know it's been and gone, but is that any reason to stop wearing awesome things on your nails?


Hi again! I'm back with my second Easter nail art and for this one I decided I'd use several different ideas-Easter eggs, a chick, a rabbit and a butterfly.
I used this rather impressive array of polishes:

Avon-InspireAvon-Orchid SplashAvon-Red Reveal, Barry M-Matt WhiteBarry M Gelly-WatermelonBarry M-Pink FlamingoBarry M Textured-Atlantic Road, Andrea Fulerton Dot and Flick-Black and a green nail art pen I got from Ebay a while ago.
These were my results:

I'm not as enamoured with the chick and the rabbit as I was last time but I still think they turned out OK! The butterfly was hard to do but turned out pretty well in the end. I have, however, realised I need a baby/sky blue that isn't textured...oh no, that means I need to go nail polish shopping, how awful for me! [Novice- I said she was a bad influence on me, didn't I!]

Also my (not-so) little sister wanted her nails doing too so I whipped up another spring-themed mani for her on her tiny nubbins!
I used Avon-Orchid Splash, Barry M-Matt White, Andrea Fulerton Dot and Flick-Black and the same green nail art pen to do some rabbits:

I will admit that it was really hard to do such tiny faces so some of them do look a bit cross or worried, and I never realised how difficult it was to paint someone else's nails! I think they turned out pretty well though.

This concludes my Easter eggstravaganza (Sorry...), I hope you all had a good one and that the Easter bunny visited your house and left you lots of scrummy treats!

Until next time, 



Oh dear, that was a terrible pun! That aside, I really like these nails, especially that they're so detailed because they're tiny! I'm impressed at least. And I love the worried rabbits!

Big thanks to Rara for these posts, and I'll be back at the weekend with some blog post challenges, and hopefully a new mani if I get time. Otherwise I'll see you on Tuesday!

~Nail Art Novice~


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