Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OMD! Challenge Day 3-Purple

~Wooo, this is my 100th post on this blog!~

Hello lovelies!
As I mentioned the other day, this month I will be participating in the Oh Mon Dieu! Challenge/Giveaway that's running throughout July. I already knew I wasn't going to be doing a mani for every day so here is my first one for you.
I used two absolutely gorgeous purple polishes-Loki's Lacquer-Buddy and Rimmel-Purple Addict. This was my first time using Buddy since I won it in a giveaway last month and WOW it's beautiful. It's a pale lilac shimmery creme with minute holo microglitter throughout it. It's also got this amazing pink-green duochrome shift that I could not persuade my camera to pick up at all! This is three coats, and I loved it so much I almost didn't do any nail art on top at all!

Swatch of Loki's Lacquer-Buddy

Swatch of Loki's Lacquer-Buddy

In the end I decided to go for accents and did a laser tape mani with Purple Addict on top.

I'm glad I did because Purple Addict is another lovely purple and I'm really enjoying this combination-although I wouldn't say I was an addict myself!  It's all about the greens and blues for me!

I won't be around too much this week as I have an Australian coming to visit and lots of fun stuff planned for us to do together. I've got a couple of posts scheduled so you won't miss me, I just won't be replying to comments as much. It's also my BIRTHDAY on Monday so I'm hoping to get some birthday manis up but we shall see. I'm like a little kid at this time of year-super excited =D

See you soon

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. OMG, is right! Happy 100th Post!!!



  2. Fun purple manicure! Love the tape design :)

  3. Happy 100th, and I love that dark purple!! :)


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