Tuesday, 16 July 2013

OMD! Challenge Day 16-Half Moons

Yesterday I was having a bit of a crappy day so I decided to shut myself away with a film that always makes me happy (WALL-E-I just adore that little robot with the enormous heart!) and do my nails because I always find that helps me stress bust. I chose to do half moons instead of ruffians because I wanted something that would take me a while to do and that I had to concentrate on. I was going to do all owls again, but decided to do a mix of 'night time' creatures instead. I've got a badger, a cat, a fox and an owl, with a cheeky half moon (see what I did there) on my little fingers.
Polishes used: Barry M-Black, Matt White, Lychee, Mango, Mushroom, Rimmel-Midnight Blue, Rose Libertine, Collection-Look At Me! and London Girl-# 70 plus the Barry M nail art pens in Black,White and Silver.
I really need to get myself some of those ring binder re-enforcer sticker things, as I had to freehand on all these half moons and they're all a bit wibbly as a result!

I'm not too sure about the cat's whiskers but it didn't look right without them. Otherwise I really love these nails-they're super fun and more importantly made me feel MUCH better once they were finished-Phew! I'm rather getting into this new mani every couple of days business, oops! Haha.

~Nail Art Novice~


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