Thursday, 25 July 2013

OMD! Challenge Day 25-Inspired by a Movie

I actually did these nails right back at the start of July when me and the Mr. went to see Despicable Me 2 but they are inspired by the (awesome) first film. Of course I did some minions, but I didn't want to do a full hand of them, so I also did the 3 little kittens [Adorable GIF alert!] from the book featured in the film which everyone knows represent Agnes, Edith and Margo-Gru's adopted daughters.

Polishes used: Revlon-Electric, Barry M-Blue Denim, Matt White, Lychee, Nail Art Pens, L'Oreal-Valiant, Sally Hansen-Himalayan Blue, Fairy Teal, Rimmel-Rose Libertine, Marshmallow Heaven.

 After sitting and watching me do my nails for an hour or so, my boyfriend asked me if I would do some minions for him too, which was awesome because I was expecting him to hate how long it took! Of course I obliged and he loved having them on his thumbs for a few days! It also looked really adorable when we held hands ^_^

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. AHHHH! I was SO hoping that someone would do Minions. Yours are really cute, great job!

    1. Haha, someone had to! Love them! Thanks ^_^

  2. ohmy! so cute! love the kitties and that gif. Your bf is a good sport!


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