Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Coloristiq Polish Rental Service


Hello loves! Something slightly different today.

I recently heard about a new service called Coloristiq which is a polish rental system based in the UK-they've just started up. They had a promotion where the first 5 people to sign up to their website would get their first three months free and I was lucky enough to be one of them, which has allowed me to try it out!

Basically, this is how it all works:

So that's what I did! The service costs £14.49 which includes postage to you as well as return postage, and "renting" three bottles for 30 days. You can use each bottle up to three times as a full mani (two coats on each finger) so in the 30 days you can do up to nine manis with the polishes in your box. 

This is how mine came:

There's also a return postage label at the bottom of the box too. The box is a nice size-it fitted through my (tiny) letter box just fine so you shouldn't have to do any waiting around for the postman to bring your goodies.

They have loads of high end polishes to choose from-Essies, OPIs, China Glazes and Morgan Taylors (which is a brand I haven't heard of but I'm looking forward to trying!). I spent a good while googling swatches to make my wish list (as the site only has bottle shots, which aren't always the most helpful!). 

So let's see what I got this time around:

Side note-I LOVE that holo rainbow =D
When you make your wish list you can make some of the polishes 'priorities'-i.e ones you really want to get in your next box, and you can have up to three of these. I only added one (But Of Corpse) because I enjoy the surprise of not knowing what I'll be getting. Coloristiq say they will always try to get you the polishes on your priority list as long as they're available, and otherwise the polishes you get will come from your wish list. I haven't had chance to use any of these polishes yet, but keep an eye out for them!

One thing I do like about this service is that they won't take the payment for the next box until you have returned the first one, which means you won't have any direct debits coming out without you knowing about it in advance, and there's no extra costs to pay if you keep them longer than the 30 day period (providing you don't use them more than the Fair Usage amount!). Also because the return postage is paid you don't need to find time to go to a post office-you can just post the box in a normal postbox.

If you have any questions about Coloristiq then their FAQ page is quite comprehensive, or you can just email them-I've found they're quite friendly and happy to answer questions about the service! I think this is a really good idea for newbie collectors who might be unsure about buying expensive polishes without trying them or for people who just don't have the room to have an enormous collection of all the polishes they want. I'm really looking forward to trying the ones I got this month and seeing what I get in the next!

What about you, will you be trying it out?

~Nail Art Novice~

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  1. What an interesting idea for this rental service!

    1. Until 24th December if you subscribe to Coloristiq you will receive our subscription for £9.99 a month forever! That is a little over £1 per painting!!!

  2. It's an amaizing idea!!! The polishes you choose look beautiful!


    1. Until 24th December if you subscribe to Coloristiq you will receive our subscription for £9.99 a month forever! That is a little over £1 per painting!!!


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