Saturday, 18 October 2014

Brighten Up A Lonely Day

Hello lovelies!

Today's mani was born out of me just pulling out random colours from my untried pile that I thought looked quite good together. I started with a base of the very gorgeous Dark Metal Lacquer-Lonely Day which is a grey polish with a subtle linear holo running through it that I think looks really pretty. To add a little colour I pulled out two bright matte polishes-Barry M-Cancun and Sinful Colors-Dream On. I did a skittle mani with various different vinyls and tapes to make different shapes on the nail.

I actually really like the contrast between the matte and the holo and I think the colours are fab too! HOw about you?

Happy weekend!

~Nail Art Novice ~


  1. Ooh that's pretty cool!

    (I thought for a moment you were having a lonely day, and came in to say awwwww and *hugs* but I'm pleased to see I misunderstood.)

  2. What fun designs on the nails these are. Like the one on the thumb and middle nail the most.


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