Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mani Swap With The Imperfect 10

Hello loves! A couple of weeks ago Rachel from The Imperfect 10 blog tweeted me to ask if I wanted to a mani swap and of course I said yes! I really like doing things like this, it's always really interesting to see how people recreate something of yours and it's fun to do yourself as well.

After looking through her blog, I finally (after a lot of deliberation) chose this Black Magic mani from last year to be the one I would recreate:

I thought it looked really glamorous and smart and really liked the look of it. In my recreation I used gold instead of silver which still looks fab against the black. I used Maybelline-Winner Takes It All and Barry M-Black Multiglitter for some sparkle.

I also just noticed that I swapped the accent colours over, I hadn't realised I'd done that until now, haha! Still, I think it looks cool. Black and gold is a classic combo and I really like the line/dot combo-I hadn't thought to combine them before but it looks good I think.

Here they are side by side

and here's all four manis together!

Make sure you go and check out her post here and leave Rachel some love too-her blog is fab!

This was fun! I'd love to do more of these so if you're interested in doing a mani swap then send me a message or a tweet, or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you =)

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Nice manicure swap! You did a great job recreating her nails. I love the gold you used too.

  2. Love your manicure! The Gold Looks amazing! Great job hun! I hope we can do it again soon xx


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