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Nelly Polishes-Teal Holo, Bodmin and Autumn Teal


Hello all! Today I've got swatches of the rest of the gorgeous Nelly Polishes I got the other day-Teal Holo, Bodmin and Autumn Teal (guess what colour I really like? Haha!). As before, if you want to find out more about these polishes I did an info post about them the other day here, and my other swatch post is here.

First up we have the super pretty Teal Holo...which isn't really a holo but is still lovely. Like the other Nellys I tried, this was semi-sheer but buildable. I swatched both with and without an undercolour as follows:

Thumb to little finger: One coat over one coat of Revlon-Emerald, three coats (no undies), two coats over Emerald, three coats (no undies), three coats over Emerald.

Nelly Polish-Teal Holo

Nelly Polish-Teal Holo

This is a really pretty combination-sort of dark green/black shimmer but it really lights up when you add some shiny top coat to it (all Nelly polishes dry matte because of the natural pigments they're made with!)

It's still not what I would consider a 'holo', perhaps a scattered one at best, but it's undoubtedly pretty! I love the colour and the glittery-twinkly-sparklyness of it. As it moves through the light there's blue and green and even some turquoise in there-it's really quite lovely!

Next we have Bodmin, which is from the Fungooms collection, inspired by characters from a children's educational website and named after places in the South West of the UK. Don't tell the others, but I think this one might be my favourite of the bunch I got-shh!

Bodmin is a gorgeous blue jelly with various sized gold pieces in. It starts quite sheer but builds nicely.

Thumb to little finger this is one coat of Bodmin over two coats of Maybelline-Dark Denim, four coats (no undies), two coats over Dark Denim, four coats (no undies) and three coats over Dark Denim.

There's still a hint of nail line visible so I would choose to wear this polish over a similarly coloured base, but you don't have to-it depends how opaque you like your polishes to be. It also looks fab with topcoat:

I love how adding a topcoat really brings out the sparkle of those gold glitters and brings them out in the other layers too.

Last but not least is Autumn Teal from the Autumn line. Now I know this polish won't be to everyone's taste but it really tickled my fancy. It's an olive greenish jelly with copper and blue hexes in and I think it's really pretty! (The swatches on Etsy are a lot more teal than mine aere, so I guess I could have a slightly odd coloured one or something.) It's neutral enough to be work appropriate (I think), but with those glitters in to make it interesting.

Thumb to little finger: one coat over two coats of L'Oreal-Luxembourg Garden, five coats (no undies), two coats over L.G, five coats (no undies), three coats over L.G.

I actually really like the look of this one in its original matte state, but I added topcoat to see what it looked like:

As I said, I know this won't be to everyone's tastes but I love it! It's got a really autumnal feel to it. I wore a full mani of this for a couple of days and boy does it sparkle in the light!

So there you go, all my gorgeous Nellys! I'm so happy with them. They all went on pretty well, although I did find that a couple were quite thick (although this is undoubtedly due to my haphazard mixing technique) and this was easily remedied with a few drops of polish thinner. They dry fairly quickly due to the matte-ness of them so you don't want to hang about whilst using them.
Overall, I think they're great! I love the uniqueness of them-I've never seen dried nail polish before and it was really quite fun making them up myself. There's also some really interesting and unique combinations of colours in their range which is fab too!

You can buy Nelly Polishes from their Etsy store here-the dried sachets of mix are £3, the mixes in the bottles are £4.50 and the pre-made polishes are £5.50 (only available in the UK). There's also a 20% off sale running for the rest of October if you use code OCT20 at the checkout.

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. I am loving those colours! lovely swatches!

    1. Thanks a lot, they're gorgeous colours aren't they?

  2. I like this Colors, they look beautiful!


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