Saturday, 26 October 2013

Introducing Nelly Polishes!

I have genuinely no idea how I stumbled across Nelly Polishes but when I did I was immediately intrigued because they are billed as 'the world's first dried nail polish!'-I mean wouldn't you want to know what it was all about?! The scientist in me just had to know more-so I read some reviews and I read all about them on their site, and then I went on their Etsy page and helped myself to five bottles-oops! 

You can buy Nelly polish (from their Etsy shop) in three ways-in a sachet form (which you add to 10mls of any clear polish of your choice), dried in the bottle (which you add the clear polish to) or pre-made in the bottles (UK only). I went for the dried in the bottle version-although slightly more expensive than the sachets it would mean I wouldn't have to find bottles to put them in, plus I loved the logo on the side!

This is how they arrived:

Dry Nelly Polishes-Gumpas, Jonah's Green, Teal Holo, Bodmin, Autumn Teal
L-R: Gumpas, Jonah's Green, Teal Holo, Bodmin, Autumn Teal

Nelly Polishes-Autumn Teal Dry
Autumn Teal
As you can see they're sort of pigmented powders at this stage, of the same sort of consistency of loose eyeshadow powders. Next came the fun part-adding the clear polish to them. I used L.A Colors clear polish, for the simple reason that it was cheap (£1/bottle) and easily available to me in the pharmacy around the corner. And it was not a tidy process-there was a LOT of mess. L.A Colors come in 13ml bottles so I had to use a syringe to get the right amount into the Nelly bottles and there was clear polish and little bits of coloured powder and glitter everywhere by the time I was done. My polishes have all ended up with different fill levels because of it, but I like knowing that I got to mix them myself-it was kinda fun! It also gave me a new kind of respect for indie makers-shaking them all by hand until they were mixed properly was a bit of a work out, phew!

This was what they looked like once I'd added the clear polish to them all:

Nelly Polishes made up-Gumpas, Jonah's Green, Teal Holo, Bodmin, Autumn Teal
L-R: Gumpas, Jonah's Green, Teal Holo, Bodmin, Autumn Teal
and as you can see, the colour of the original powders is no real indication of the colour they will be once they're finished.

The polishes come out like jellys-sheer but build up opacity fairly well in most cases, although I personally would wear them over a base colour because I'm not a fan of VNL. They dry to a semi-matte finish which is perfectly wearable on its own, but they really come alive with a layer of glossy topcoat, I think. I had some trouble with a couple of mine being quite thick at first, which I think is probably due to them getting less clear polish than they should have done, but once I added a couple of drops of polish thinner this smoothed out just fine. I also noticed some undissolved powder with the first couple of uses but I just popped the lid back on and gave it another good shake and this seems to have resolved the problem!
The awesome thing about these polishes is that they can be shipped anywhere in the world legally-because the dried versions are totally safe to transport (It's the solvents in nail varnishes that mean that they're "dangerous" to move around!). They're also really different-I've not seen colour combinations like this before.

You can buy Nelly Polishes from their Etsy store here-the dried sachets of mix are £3, the mixes in the bottles are £4.50 and the pre-made polishes are £5.50 (only available in the UK). There's also a 20% off sale running for the rest of October-so get them while they're hot! I've got swatches of my five coming up over the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for them!

Wishing you a good weekend!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. OOhhh I keep meaning to try Nelly Polish as some of the glitter combos looks amazing!

    1. Get yourself some now before the sale ends! You won't be disappointed =)

  2. These look fab and I love the before/after pics from the making process - the colours really change! Can't wait to see what they look like on your nails :-) x

    1. Thanks! Swatches coming up in the next couple of days =)


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