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Nelly Polishes-Gumpas and Jonah's Green


So the other day I introduced you to Nelly Polishes-the world's first dried nail polish and today I've got some swatches for you. I know this is wildly out of my normal posting zone, but I think these are really pretty and just wanted to share them! I hope no-one minds the lack of nail art! For more information on just what exactly these polishes are and how they work, check out my first post.

In this post I have Gumpas and Jonah's Green.

Gumpas is a pretty nude coloured polish, with black and white specks of glitter, along with some larger green pieces. It's a very unusual combination-I've never seen anything like it before! I reckon it could easily be neutral enough to be deemed work appropriate, but with those little green freckles to add a dash of colour-lovely! It is from their Fungooms collection-inspired by a children's website run by the creator's husband, and all the polishes in this collection are named after places in the South West of England, where Nelly Polishes hail from. Personally, I love this idea! Very British =D

Because this is a very sheer jelly polish, I used undies on some of my fingers. From thumb to little finger this is: One coat over two coats of Barry M-Lychee, five coats (no undies), two coats over Lychee, five coats (no undies), three coats over Lychee. Despite the large number of coats, there is still some nail line visible on the nails with no undies, so I would definitely use a similar colour as a base before using this polish.

Swatch of Nelly Polishes-Gumpas

Because of the way these polishes are made (using natural pigments) they dry to a semi-matte finish. I added a layer of topcoat to see what Gumpas would look like all shinied up:

Swatch of Nelly Polishes-Gumpas with topcoat

Jonah's Green is from the Boy's Invention collection-named and invented by the creator's son Jonah. Jonah's Green is a lovely green crelly with gold glitter pieces. It was actually pretty opaque and wouldn't have needed a base colour underneath it. However, because it was so opaque, you didn't get that lovely sense of layers that you do with jelly polishes-it all but covered up the glitters in the underneath layers with each subsequent one, which is a shame. None the less, it's still a really gorgeous polish.

Thumb to little finger: Two coats over two coats of Cairuo-Blackberry 19, three coats (no undies), one coat over Blackberry 19, three coats (no undies), three coats over Blackberry 19.

Nelly Polishes-Jonah's Green Swatch

Nelly Polishes-Jonah's Green Swatch

As I said it doesn't need undies because it's very opaque, but you do lose out on some glitter. I think I'd probably wear 1-2 coats over a similar coloured base, simply because then you can see all the pretties better!

Again, I added topcoat to bring out the shine:

Nelly Polishes-Jonah's Green + Topcoat

This isn't very colour accurate for some reason-it was actually darker than this on the nail, and I tried to get a better picture representing the true shade for you-it's a really nice tealy green:

Nelly Polishes-Jonah's Green + Topcoat

Both polishes went on quite nicely-obviously they're a bit different to normal polishes due to the way they were made, and I can't claim to have got the formula perfect so they might perform slightly differently for you. There were some visible brush strokes, but these were smoothed out with topcoat. Jonah's Green was quite thick to start with but I think this was my fault more than the mix's, and once I added a couple of drops of polish thinner it was fine. They dry fairly quickly, which is good!

You can buy Nelly Polishes from their Etsy store here-the dried sachets of mix are £3, the mixes in the bottles are £4.50 and the pre-made polishes are £5.50 (only available in the UK). There's also a 20% off sale running for the rest of October.

So that's two of my Nelly Polishes pretties, more to come soon.

~Nail Art Novice~

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