Friday, 31 May 2013

Roses Really Smell Like...

Hello lovelies!
You may recall my partner-in-blogging Rara broke her arm about a month ago? Well she came round to visit me this week while my parents were away and I did her nails for her. She's no longer in a plaster cast  but she still has a lot of trouble moving her left arm/hand so it was kinda interesting and meant I had to move myself around her rather than the other way around, but we made it work. This is also why there's such a discrepancy in nail lengths between her two hands-she's not been using her left hand for anything so the nails have grown really well!

Rara wanted me to do a gradient on her, and I asked her if I could try out some roses because I'd never done them before (and my nails were freshly painted!) and she agreed. She chose all the colours, I just did the painting and it got MESSY, but we both had lots of fun =)

Polishes used:
Gradient: Red- Rimmel-Red Obsession, Mid-Pink- Rimmel-Rose Libertine, Pale Pink- Nails Inc-Elizabeth Street, Glitter- OPI-I Juggle...Men
Roses: Red and Pink as before, Middles- A-England-Iseult, Leaves- OPI-Thanks a Windmillion

As you may appreciate, it's quite difficult to take pictures of someone who can't move their hand, but we tried our best for you:

I know my roses aren't perfect but they look pretty good from a distance and it was only my first attempt at them! I'm pretty happy with the gradient too, although it did get smudged a little by the glitter, but not too badly, it's not really noticeable in person.
I'm happy, Rara's happy, we hope you're happy too!

~Nail Art Novice & Rara~

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