Wednesday, 1 May 2013

One Hot Mother

Guys, why did no-one tell me that holo polishes were SO FREAKING PRETTY? Honestly, I have not stopped staring at my nails in the 24hours I've been wearing this polish. I'm definitely in love. The rainbows and the sparkles and the prettiness! Within about 5 minutes of applying it this happened:
So...yeah. I've just banned myself from buying polishes and now I want ALL the holos-sad times.

This is (of course) Above The Curve-Mother Earth and she's beautiful. For starters she's a lovely-but-hard-to-describe nude/tan/bronzey/coppery/gold colour in different lights. Then there's the holo effect which I am constantly in awe of. I really wish I'd thought to get some pictures of this baby in the sunshine, because she lit up like the sun. I know that a lot of people probably think I'm going a bit OTT but I've never worn a holo polish before-don't you remember how magical your first time was? Cut a girl some slack, ey? =p
This is 3-4 coats, and there's still a hint of nail line in some of the pics. I guess she might need an under layer in future (does that work?).


Can I get an Ooft?
I really want to keep her on forever and ever, it makes me rather sad to know she has to come off tomorrow so I can paint my nails for my show. SIGH.

I think I've definitely found my new love!!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Very pretty indeed. I recently got the holo bug too.

    1. I reckon it's easy to do, you just get dazzled by those rainbows!

  2. I adore a good nude holo. This is beautiful on you.

  3. This is gorgeous!! I LOVE holos! they are distracting though, I find myself staring at my nails too, hehe x


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