Saturday, 18 May 2013

Randomised Mani-Double Dots

Ever since I saw the first Tri Polish post (run by The Crumpet's Nail Tarts) I've been a bit intrigued with the idea of doing a mani with no control over the colours used in it. I haven't yet decided if I'll join in with the challenge, but it's something I'm considering for when the ABC challenge ends (Sob!)
I have a habit of using the same colours over and over again for my manis because they're the ones my eye is naturally drawn to so I decided to set myself a similar challenge-I'm calling it the Randomised Mani. Basically, using a random number generator, I select the number of polishes for the challenge (between 2 and 10) and then the actual ones I'm going to use. I have my swatch wheels all catalogued in a book (because I'm a nerd!) and so just kept selecting random numbers which represented a polish. I'm not explaining this very well but basically I didn't pick them by choice but by chance! I also gave myself the option to veto one polish from the lot if it didn't fit very well.

So for my first Randomised Mani these were the polishes that got chosen:

 Colour Me-Pure Gold, 17-Nightshade, Rimmel-Sunrise and Kleancolor-Jewelry Red (It really pains me to have to spell jewellery wrong because it's the polish name!)
I decided that the orange didn't really fit with the opulence of the other colours so I got rid, leaving me with three polishes. I really liked the double dot effect on my little finger in my Fabulous mani the other day so I recreated that here.

I used two coats of Pure Gold and three of Jewelry Red as bases and was suddenly struck with the thought that they really look like the colours used for Tony Stark's Iron Man suit! (Yes, I'm a big nerd. But Iron Man 3!! *fangirls*) Had I not already decided what to do I might have attempted an Iron Man mani but alas (earwax) it was not to be, today.

I added dots in the opposite colour down the sides of my nails, then black ones on top. My camera really didn't like photographing this at all so I've done the best I can!

 What do you think? I reckon it's not too bad! I think the red dots look like poppies, which is quite cool. I'll be doing this random challenge every so often-at least once a month, perhaps more if I get stuck for inspiration.
Hope you enjoyed this mani!

Edit 19/5: I can't believe I never realised how pretty this gold was before-it's actually full of tiny green and orange shimmery bits and is such a lovely colour! Hard to believe it cost £1.99 and is a cheap brand I've never seen anywhere else!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. I am doing the same sort of thing. I've got all my polishes stored in an app on my phone. I'll set it to scroll, shut my eyes and tap the screen. I only get a veto if I happen to get more glitters than polishes. It kind of forces you to be creative - so glad to see someone else do something like it!
    I like your final mani.

    1. Thanks =)
      I think it's quite a fun way of doing nail art because it pushes you to think outside the box a little, especially if you end up with lots of colours that don't necessarily go together. Looking forward to seeing some of your creations!

  2. Loving this! really simple but so pretty :D I may have to do this too!


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