Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Things What I Did Won

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway over at It's All About The Polish and so I thought I'd share my goodies with you now they've arrived safely. I'm now the very proud owner of some pretty Australian Indies including my very first piCture pOlish (does ANYONE know why it's capitalised like that, I've wondered forever?) and my very first  Pretty Serious *swoon*

From L-R that's Pretty Serious-Party By The Pool, MaxFactor-Fantasy Fire, piCture pOlish-Mirage, Loki's Lacquer-Buddy, Gloss 'n Sparkle-Slowly Growing Deaf and Loony Lacquer-Love A Lot.
I've done a quick swatch of them on swatch sticks, and will try and get proper swatches of them up soon but in the meantime I'll try and find some links so you can see them in all their glory =)

Party By The Pool

3 coats

I have to confess this is my favourite of them all-but then again it would be, right? It's a teal jelly with blue and green glitter in it and I love it love it love it! Here's a swatch from Lucy's Stash.

2 coats on its own/
2 coats over black

This is a terrible quality swatch for which I can only apologise. Mirage is a gorgeous greyish duochrome that shifts from green to blue with a hint of purple in it too. On its own I imagine it'd take a lot of coats to become opaque, but over darker colours it's gorgeous! Here's some swatches by the person who it was made for-Sarah Hassan's Blog


3 coats

Buddy was a bit of a surprise for me-it's so pretty! It's a lilac shimmer with holo glitter in it that shifts to green in certain light which was released as part of Loki's Lacquer Easter range this year. Here's some swatches from Osiris and Loki.

Slowly Growing Deaf

2 coats

This one is really pretty-red and silver glitters in a baby blue base, I really like it. I think I may have to do some nail art using this baby soon. Nailed Obsession has got some good swatches.

Love A Lot

2 coats
I am surprised how much I like this polish-I originally thought I wasn't going to because I'm not much of a pink person at all! When I got it onto my swatch stick though, I was pleasantly surprised, it looks really fun! It's a mix of red and pink glitters in a white creme base-there are also hearts in the mix but I haven't managed to fish one out yet. Apparently this is really limited edition so I'm even more excited to own it. Marie's Manicure Madhouse has some swatches.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, keep an eye out for these polishes in future ones! =)

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Congrats on your win! Those are some lovely goodies :)

  2. I'm surprised how much I like the baby blue and red combo! These are all really nice polishes, awesome that you won them. :)

    1. Yeah, I was too actually! I'm thinking it'll look awesome as a tape mani base!

      Thanks =)


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