Monday, 10 June 2013

Cherry Pop

Guess who's back? It's Rara, YAY! (For those of you who don't know Rara is my best friend and occasional partner in blogging, and she broke her wrist about a month ago and so has been out of action for a while.) This is her first blog post in a couple of months and I'm really glad she's back! (If only so I get a break, haha-just kidding!)
Over to Rara then:


Having had pretty boring nails for three/four weeks while my hand was in a cast I've been craving beautiful nails again, if only to stop me looking at the scar all the way along my wrist =(  Luckily Novice has been on hand to do them for me!
I'm far enough along in my recovery now that I can straighten and bend my fingers and turn my wrist to enough of an angle to paint my own nails again-yaaaay! And a good thing about not being able to use my hand is how long and strong my nails have gotten. Although I cannot do the 'traditional' pose for the pictures (as I still can't bend my thumb) I have tried my best.
Because of the lovely weather I wanted something summery so I decided on cherries.

[Novice] I know it's not the traditionally done thing but I
LOVED the backdrop she was using against those cherries =)

I used Barry M-Matt White with a glittery top coat by Rimmel called Disco Gold, Barry M-Matt White and Essie-Mojito Madness and topped everything off with a Barry M Topcoat.

This was an easy and simple mani that I was even able to do on my right hand!
I really like this one, it's so bright and makes me and my stupid broken hand/wrist happy!!!



Aww, I love this super fun mani! I'm also really glad that Rara's almost back to full fitness too. I'm sure you'll be seeing her around here more often again now!

~Nail Art Novice~


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