Monday, 14 January 2013

My First Mani...Snowy Days

Today it has been snowing heavily in Britain, and I wanted to do a snow inspired manicure because of this. I have the perfect polish in my collection for this, so all I needed was some base colours, which were fairly easy to choose.

I started with my normal base coat- Sally Hansen Double Duty which I noticed was sadly getting a little sticky and gloopy-time to order some more I guess!
The colours I chose were Barry M-Denim and a London Girl polish which doesn't have a name but is a pearly white colour.

I have a large collection of Barry M polishes, and I think for what they cost they're very good quality and fit perfectly into my budget! Denim is a surprisingly dark blue colour-like the colour of dark jeans- with small silver shimmers in and it went on very easily. I only needed two coats for full coverage and I could have easily got away with one. It's quite matte when it dries though, which I'm not a fan of, but it looks beautiful with some shiny top coat on.
The London Girl polish is a bit of an odd one. I got an online offer for 24 bottles of nail varnish for £20 which I didn't really think I could pass up. Although the colours are fantastic, the quality of polish isn't great and they take a long time to dry completely. I do like this pearly white colour, it's very shiny and pretty, but takes about 4-5 coats to reach opacity. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture at this stage, sorry! I've got the blue one my left hand, with a white accent nail and vice versa on my right.

Finally, I topped them off with my snowy glitter polish- Snow Daze by Absolut Lacquer, which is my favourite favourite Indie polish maker on Etsy. She's got great prices and really awesome polishes, and is kind to her international fans and doesn't charge extortionate shipping rates-plus she's really lovely and goes out of her way to give great customer service. I cannot recommend her enough!
Snow Daze is a blue glitter topper with lots of white glitters in-small squares, large/small hexagons and bars which look like snow in a pot! (Hence the reason I chose it!). It goes on really nicely, although I moved some of the big glitters around to get them more evenly spread out. I used one coat on each nail, and then a top coat of my trusty Seche Vite Quick Dry.

Here's the finished result:

Apologies for the messy edges, I tidied up as best I could!
I think it's a really pretty manicure. I just hope the snow lasts as long as the nail varnish will!

What do you think? Have you got any snow inspired manis to share? Let me know =)

~Nail Art Novice~

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