Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dream Of Silver Screen Quotations

Bonus points to anyone who works out where the quote is from without using Google.

A fairly plain mani (for now) as I have a job...thing* tomorrow and don't want to be too informal. Also because I don't know what I'm wearing I'm going with simple silver as it goes with most things-I hope! I'll probably jazz this mani up afterwards though.

This is Revlon's Silver Screen which is a very lovely silver. I'm still not a fan of the tiny thin brushes Revlon use but the colour is really nice and it went on well-opaque in two coats (although I'm wearing 3 to cover up a smudge!). Very shiny and dried fairly speedily too.

And looks pretty to top it all off.
Keep your beautifully polished fingers crossed for me tomorrow, folks!

~Nail Art Novice~

*I don't know if it's an interview or just an introduction or what it actually is, but I thought I'd hedge my bets and dress formally.

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