Thursday, 31 January 2013

If You Want These Kind Of Dreams

The titles of my last post and this one are taken from the Red Hot Chili Peppers Song-Californication in case anyone was still wondering. I love the Chilis, their music reminds me of being young and carefree!

I've now had my introduction (which was for a bar staff role) which will hopefully lead to me getting the job (fingers crossed) and some much needed income, so I decided to jazz up my silver nails from yesterday with two of my favourite Barry M polishes-simply called Navy and Teal.

I just LOVE these colours, they're both so beautiful and I had to have them as soon as I saw them and they both look really good with the silver too!
I did a simple diagonal line tape mani with them to add a little bit of colour on top of my shiny silver and I think the final effect is gorgeous!
Ignore the pink blob on my thumb-I was trying out lip stains earlier today.
I can't stop admiring my nails because they look so pretty. Interesting fact though, holding my hand in that pose is really painful after I've been practising my bass because my fingers (particularly my ring finger) protest at all the stretching they have to do. Oh well, she's worth it! (Yes, my bass is a girl. And she's beautiful too.)
Speaking of which, I'd better get practising again now as I have a lesson later!
Until next time,

~Nail Art Novice~

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