Monday, 24 February 2014

My OH Paints My Nails

The British Nail Bloggers are having another fun group post this week that I thought I'd join in with: My Other Half Paints My Nails. As the name suggests this is asking nail art newbies (not necessarily just partners) to paint your nails for you. I asked my Australian if he'd be up for doing that and he was surprisingly excited! He decided to do a skittle mani across all my nails, incorporating many techniques. He even opted to do a fishtail nail which I thought was pretty impressive! So these are all his nail art, he chose the colours and did them all and I think they look really fab. I'll hand over to him now:

So Ah... Hi!
Having spent so much time with Jenni over the last 7 or 8 months it is unsurprising really that I was asked to do her nails at some point. I have done several "He picks my polish" things, and Jenni has done several designs on my thumb nails, so I guess this was the next logical step. So without further ado here they are:

Left Hand
Right Hand
So I know this isn't how Jenni usually does her posts but I am going to do a nail by nail breakdown with the polishes I used for each nail and the technique used, also possibly some other bits and pieces. (See more after the break)

Left Hand
Thumb: Black Question Marks in Yellow Base

Items Used:
  • Rimmel - Sunshine
  • Barry M - Black Pen
So this nail was inspired by this post here which I happened to see when Jenni was reading it the other day. The Rimmel is a polish which I liked the colour of and frequently pulled out for Jenni to use but she always said it was too sheer and got out a different yellow instead. Having seen the aforementioned post I decided to play with the Rimmel and Voila it worked quite well and I am happy with how it went. Also this picture is closer to the actual colour than the whole hand pic.

Index: White Stamp over Purple

Items Used:
  • Barry M - Plum
  • Barry M - Matt White
  • MoYou London - Sailor 3 (Stamping Plate)
  • Stamping Tools
Basic Stamping technique, not sure I really need to say much more.

Middle: Black Crackle over Orange

Items Used:
  • Barry M - Black Crackle
  • Sally Hansen - Man-go Team
  • Rimmel - Matte Top Coat
I really really like the Sally Hansen Mango, it is an awesome colour and it is fast dry which is handy. I haven't seen Jenni use the crackle though I have gotten her to try the croc effect before over a maroon from memory. The orange under black provides nice contrast and looks pretty cool.

Ring: Shimmery Red Striping Taped over Shimmery Green

Items Used:

  • Striping Tape
  • Rimmel - Camouflage
  • Rimmel - Lava Red

Both cool colours, the green and red contrast nicely. Random striping tape pattern as I knew I would never be able to get parallel stripes to be even. Turned out pretty well.

Pinkie: Glitter over Shimmery Black

Items Used:
  • Barry M - Black Multiglitter
  • Absolut Laquer - Goddess Jenni (OOAK)
Oooh! Glitter and shiny! What is a random assortment of nail art without glitter? Need I say more?

Thumb: Sponge Colour Wheel

Items Used:
  • Sponges
  • Revlon - Electric
  • Rimmel - Double Decker Red
  • Barry M - Blue Grape
  • Barry M - Matt White
  • Rimmel - Matte Top Coat
So this one was inspired by this post here. I decided I too wished to play with sponges and see if the colours would mix. Also I like the sponged look. I started with a base coat of white to ensure opacity and away I went.. I chose the primary colours to start as they should have provided the best cross over points. Unfortunately the orange didn't come out particularly well but the green and purple did. I think this would be fun to play with at some point in the future/to force Jenni to play with. I think it would have worked better with the same brand and types of polishes as they would have similar chemical compositions which would enable them to blend better.

 Index: Black over Orange Patterned Striping Tape

Items Used:

  • Patterned Striping Tape
  • Revlon - Haunted Heart
  • Barry M - Black Multiglitter
Revlon Haunted House is an awesome colour. It is mostly orange but it shimmers red and green under light (not a brilliant pic). I think the Matte top coat may have killed the green shimmer a bit and only made the red show :(

Middle: Red Flowers on Blue Field

Items Used:

  • Dotting Tools
  • Barry M - Spring Green
  • Barry M - Cobalt Blue
  • Barry M - Passionfruit
  • Revlon - Electric
This was my first time using dotting tools and it was quite fun. Very simple design but I am quite happy with how it turned out. I will probably play with dotting tools on Jenni's nails at some point in the future.

Ring: Holo Blue Stamp over Gold Base

Items Used:
  • Barry M - Gold Foil
  • Colour Club - Over The Moon
  • MoYou London - Time Travel Back to the 80s 2

Nice simple stamping. The Blue Holo is quite subtle over the gold which is kinda different and nice.

Pinkie - Fishtails

Items Used:

  • Barry M - Satsuma
  • Barry M - Watermelon
  • Barry M - Plum
Fishtails take a long time :S This one was a pain to take a picture of, as for some reason the Watermelon and Plum decided to look the same in photos. This was a pinkie so probably not the ideal nail for a first try but I think I did ok.

So yeah, that was my first attempt at Nail Art. It wasn't too bad. I am sure you will see more of my art on Jenni's Nails or perhaps my thumb nails at some point in the future.

So there you go! Not bad for a first timer are they? I was really impressed with both of my thumbs-they're really cool ideas and he's pulled them off well to boot. I'm proud of my protégé, and I'm sure this isn't the last time you will be seeing his talents on my blog, haha! Check out what the other talented (?) other halves have done in the inlinkz too!

~Nail Art Novice/Her Australian~

P.S Can you guess what his favourite brand is?! =p


  1. hehe LOVE IT! especially the question marks nail art!

  2. Very fun mani! Love all the different designs :)

  3. Wow! So creative! I love all of them, but gotta say that the sponged thumb is a masterpiece! ;)

  4. This must have taken forever!! But how fun, trying so many techniques!!

    1. Haha yup, took most of our Sunday! But it was really quite fun =) Thanks!

  5. I imagine striping tape was much easier when you can use both hands to place it! LOL I love the colors he picked and that he wanted to do everything at once!


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