Monday, 3 February 2014

Guest Post Week! Boom Shaka Lacquer

Hello all you lovely people! I was delighted when Nail Art Novice said that she was looking for some guest posters! She graciously has allowed me to guest post on her blog.  I always love exposing myself to new readers.  Yes I know how that sounds.  I decided to go with it anyway - I’m kooky like that!

Since this IS a nail art blog I will be following up my review with a cool new to me nail art technique!  First I’m going to show you an absolutely gorgeous polish by Royal Lacquer!  It is called Blue Confusion:

 Blue Confusion is a deep royal blue, I mean purple, I mean teal...wait I don’t know what color it is!  Hence the name!  Depending on the angle this polish is royal blue, royal purple or a beautiful teal green jelly packed with tiny holographic sparklies, don’t you love my technical terms?!

 The formula on this lusciously squishy jelly polish is just divine!  It was actually opaque in two coats.  No need to layer this baby it’s going to work for you on its own!  I had no problems with application.  I will say that my cuticles are a wee bit dry so while I was removing it the blue did want to hang around my dry skin - didn’t take too much hassle to remove it completely however!

The minute I saw the sheerness of the first coat I KNEW I wanted to try the “stampwich” technique!  I first saw it on the Ellagee website and realized that creativity with jelly polishes goes way outside the regular jelly sandwich!

I started with two coats of Blue Confusion and then I stamped a series of images from the MoYou - Sailor 04 plate with Sally Hansen - White On.  Once it dried a bit I then went back and put another thin layer of Blue Confusion over that!  A super easy but really fantastic looking effect! You can find Royal Lacquer (and their vinyl nail decals, Vynails) in their Etsy Store.  You can also keep up to date with all the goings on at their Facebook page!  Go on by and say hi, the maker is super nice and I have been pleased with everything I have gotten from them so far!

Thank you for letting me ramble on and if you’d like to come over and see me, you can find me over at the Boom Shaka Lacquer blog, and I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I promise that I don’t bite...much!


  1. What a nice color! I just love the stamping you did on top :)

  2. Looks great Karel! I love Royal Lacquer. I need to get blue confusion. I just ordered my first moyou plates, sailor 06 & princess 14. Can't wait to get them!


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