Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Guest Post Week! Penguins Left Green Polish

Hey Girls!

Yaaay! Guest post for one of my favourite bloggers <3 :) I'm loving that I am in a group with amazing nail bloggers! I always jump at the chance to be able to do a guest post!
Today's guest post is for Jenni over at Nail Art Novice! I absolutely love her blog, Her pictures are lovely and a pleasure to look at! Love how she doesn't give a toss about messy nails and that is inspiring!

Over at my blog, I'm on a recent crazy with a glitter topper by NYC called Lights, Camera, Glitter! I've been layering this beauty on everything!! I've layered it over a minty green HERE and over a greeny gradient HERE ...And while I'm writing this post I just realised I've layered the glitter over greens!! :D 

Here is the beautiful glitter layered over Essie's - Going Incognito...this time a dark green!! I've included a swatch of the green because I love how beautiful it is! Two layers of greeny goodness!!

With the Glitter topper!

Love it :D But i'm a bit biased! Lol, what do you guys think?!

Thank you Jenni for having me on your blog :D 

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  1. Great combination together! Very pretty :)

  2. Man how did I miss my own guest post!? Stupid facebook isn't notifying me!
    I'm so glad I got to do a guest post for you :) hopefully you'll be back once you settle in!!


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