Saturday, 9 February 2013

Then There's Audrey, Lovely Audrey

Recently, I've acquired rather a lot of polishes and am determined to use them all eventually. Here's two of them-the beautiful 'For Audrey' from China Glaze and the very pretty 'Neptune Sea', one of Barry M's magnetic polishes. I've got two from their magnetic range, and I'm pretty sure (looking at those pictures) that I have managed to get the wrong magnets with both of them but oh well. I like the ones I have better really, so I'm not complaining. I clearly haven't quite got the hang of these yet, in all my practises on some old plastic packaging the patterns came up really nicely but I haven't had as much luck on my nails sadly. Neptune Sea is mostly quite a dark gun metal silver but it has loads of tiny bright blue glittery flecks in it, which makes it really shimmery and pretty.
I've also wanted For Audrey ever since I first saw it-I didn't have any light/sky blues in my collection anyway  and this was gorgeous-slightly on the teal side of blue, more ocean coloured than sky. It was just as lovely when it arrived, thankfully, it's definitely competing for my favourite polish.

This was 3 coats of For Audrey and countless of Neptune Sea (with the fishnet magnet) because I kept putting another layer on top to try and get the pattern more developed. Probably ended up with between 3 and 5 layers on each nail.

You can see that in this pic Neptune Sea looks more blue than silver-
there's that much glitter/magnety magic in it.

The flash has bleached For Audrey a little, she's a bit more greeny IRL
As I said, I still need to get the hang of the magnetic polish, my best result (and only full nail showing the pattern) is on my right middle finger:
Which of course I forgot to clean up before I took pictures of it...sorry!

You can't really tell in this photo, but the pattern goes all the way
across, promise!
I've got quite a good one on my right thumb too, but it's only on half the nail...not sure how I managed that. I've seen some awesome swatches by other bloggers though, so I know that it IS possible to get a good strong pattern on each nail. I shall persevere and practise more and hopefully next time I try them it'll be a little better!

What are your opinions on magnetic polishes? Did you have any more success than me and have any hints? Let me know =)

~Nail Art Novice~

Title of post taken from the wonderful Little Shop of Horrors-Meek Shall Inherit


  1. Magnetic nail olishes are great but the problem ive had is trying to get them to a)develop properly and b)not stick to the magnet. Barry Ms the best closely followed by Nails Inc, but theyre expensive

    1. Every time I practised (on a flat surface) the pattern came up beautifully, so I think it must have something to do with the curve of my nails rather than the magnet. Barry M are thankfully not too expensive!


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