Sunday, 10 February 2013


I'm really excited to tell you all that my friend of the awesome ladybird nails post has decided to contribute to my blog from time to time as she doesn't want to start one of her own but still wants to share her designs. Like me, she's fairly new to this whole nail art thing, but she's already braver than me at trying new and interesting things. Rara (as she will be known on this blog) has known me my entire life and we've basically grown up giggling together, so I'm really pleased that she wants to help me out with this project. I'm hoping to get her writing her own posts soon, but for now I'll use her pictures to show you what she's been up to.

So with no further ado, I give you Rara's Water Marbling (her first time trying it,  and my first post about it!):

Polishes used: Avon Plum Seduction, Avon Starry Sky, Barry M Cobalt Blue as well as a Barry M topcoat.

The whole reason she wanted to try Water Marbling was because she found this blog post  by Chloe's Nails showing a step by step photo tutorial of how to successfully water marble, and she decided to have a go. Also, because she's just treated herself to the entire MUA Constellation collection she also did a caviar bead accent nail in the Leo colours. These are designed to have easy applicable bottles, and do look pretty fancy when applied! (Another good thing about these posts from Rara-she does things I don't. I'm not really a fan of textured nail art/polishes on myself, but she likes them, and this way you'll get more variety!)

Here's the results:

Not bad for a first timer, ey! Obviously they aren't perfect as there's a few holes and there are thin patches which aren't opaque but I've definitely seen worse first attempts at such a complicated technique. I'm really impressed with her thumb-the way the silver outlines the purple as if it was drawn on is awesome! And those beads on her accent nail look really pretty too. I know she's really pleased with the mani overall though, as am I, it's a really cool look and definitely on my to do list for when I'm feeling brave.

Between me writing/scheduling this post on Saturday night and it going live on Sunday night, Rara has done another water marble mani with better results, keeping the same beads on her accent nails. This time she substituted the Barry M with another Avon colour-Berry Shimmer, which seems to have worked better with this techinque:

As you can see, there are a lot fewer gaps around the edges of her nails, and (apart from the little finger) she has a lot better patterning across them all. The beads have lasted through washing up, which is pretty impressive considering they're only stuck on with a thin layer of polish and topcoat. You can pick the MUA beads up in Superdrugs (UK) for about £3 each.
Overall, I'm impressed!

~Rara & Nail Art Novice~

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