Friday, 18 July 2014

Rara's Mermaid Nails

Hello again! Rara here!

I entered a competition by Sally Magpie to become the first recipient of her "travelling polish box". The idea is the same box of polish travels the country and everyone who receives it does a mani with the polishes in the box. Everyone will do something different so it is a showcase of how many different manis can be done from only 5 or 6 different polishes and accessories.

I was lucky enough to win and I got to set the ball rolling! The colours of the polishes in the box instantly reminded me of mermaids! So I decided to do a mermaid inspired mani.

Novice: This is where Rara wrote "OOPS DELETED THE PICS OF THE POLISHES DO YOU HAVE THEM AND CAN YOU PUT AT LEAST THE MAKER ON PLEEAASE THAANNKS!" so it was a good job I kept the photo she sent me ;) Here's what was in the box:

I think Rara used the purple Lilypad Lacquer, the blue Mentality and the golden Picture Polish but I have no idea what they're called, sorry! Back to Rara:

In the box were some sequins so I used them on my ring finger to act as a 'tail/fins'I loved the mani as it was shiny and sparkly!

The box has now gone onto the next person and I can't wait to see what they come up with!


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  1. Nice mermaid nails! Really liking that ring finger too.


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