Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Guest Post-Fixin to Faff

Hey y'all!

I'm so excited to be guest posting for Jenni, whose whimsical style I adore.  I'm Ali from Fixin To Faff, a Texas transplant to the UK.  Today I have a colorful summer look using two of my favorite colors this year: coral and purple.  I think these colors are so opposite one another that they actually play really well in the sandbox.

Neon Coral Purple Glitter Gradient Butterflies Nail Art

This super simple look is easy to achieve, and the butterfly are completely unnecessary to making this look work!  You'll only need two polishes, a bright coral and a dark purple glitter.  If you coral shade isn't that opaque, you may also want to use a white base color just to make it stand out.

Neon Coral Purple Glitter Gradient Butterflies Nail Art
L-R:  LA Colors Hottie, Chit Chat Violet

Because I wanted the neon coral color to REALLY shine, I opted to use a white base, sort of.  I actually used OPI Ridge Filling Basecoat, which has an off-white tone when dried.  After it dried, I applied two coats of Hottie to all my nails.

Neon Coral Purple Glitter Gradient Butterflies Nail Art

As soon as the coral was dry (and I put on my sunglasses!) I used a makeup sponge to create a glitter gradient from the tips of my nails.  The trick to recreating this is to apply a swipe of glitter to the sponge, let the sponge soak up a generous amount of the clear suspension color, and then dab it onto the nails, focusing on the tips and using less glitter as you move down the nail bed.  It will take a few passes to get the glitter built up to the opacity you want, but the results are worth it.

Once you're satisfied with the glitter, it's time to topcoat!  While my topcoat was still wet, I applied these adorable Fimo butterflies.  Here's a secret: those Fimo pieces are actually two pieces matched together!  I decided I didn't like them as half-butterflies, so I went through my little stash of them to find halves that matched in size, because sometimes the cutting process actually distorts the Fimo cane.

Neon Coral Purple Glitter Gradient Butterflies Nail Art

I hope you like this fun look and are inspired to do something fun and neon on your nails.  Thank you so much to Jenni for letting me take over her blog for the day!

Much love,


  1. These are so pretty! Love the glittery tips and the butterfly fimos!

  2. Liking the butterflies and the glitter! Nice touch :)


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