Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hello lovelies! Hope you've all been having wonderful weekends in the sunshine! It's been lovely!
I've got a fun combination today that's really making me smile. I used Tara's Talons-Don't Be Jel (again from my Treasure Trove, although Tara deliberately included it for me as I liked it so much!) and then on my accents I added some awesome dinosaur vinyl stickers from Make It Stick Designs. Nail vinyls are all the rage at the moment and I went browsing through Etsy (dangerous!) the other day looking for some I liked. Make It Stick have loads of choices and also loads of different colours, and I just couldn't resist these little dinos (and a few others too, oops!).

How cute is this little tricey? =D

There are four different dinosaurs in the pack and I used one of each for this mani-aren't they cute?! I have to say I really love this-the base is lovely (jam packed with green and yellow glitters of various sizes) and I am LOVING the dinos too =D

Whaddya reckon?

~Nail Art Novice~

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