Friday, 21 March 2014

31WNAC 2-Orange

Hello lovelies, happy Friday!

I've got a brightly coloured mani for you today for Orange week and although it's a little nerdy I kinda love it! The first thing I thought of when I considered 'orange things' was the warning stickers you get in labs and on chemicals and stuff  and I just really wanted to recreate them on my nails. I used Barry M-Mango and on my accents added a touch of sparkle with Tara's Talons-Naughty or Nice from my advent calendar. I added the details with my black Barry M nail art pen.

L-R Irritant, Radioactive, General Warning 

L-R Flammable, Biohazard, Electrical Hazard
Some of these are more traditonally seen on yellow signs but shush, I'm stretching the rules a little here =p. The nerdy scientist in me loves them, and the glitter is also really pretty!

Here's the prompts if you were wondering what to look forward to:

Hoping you all have wonderful weekends!

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. This is nice! What a great job on creating those signs too.

  2. I remember doing these with my little nail art brush - fab job!! I love the glitter you've paired it with too.


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