Saturday, 15 March 2014

31WNAC 1-Red

Meant to get these up few days ago-oops! This was an idea that came about because I was stuck for inspiration and was looking through the nails I have saved in my 'inspiration' folder and found these gorgeous hippo ones by The Little Canvas. I wanted to recreate them but didn't want to use the same colours and was sat deliberating in front of my Helmer when my boyfriend suggested Hungry Hungry Hippos! He's handy to keep around, that one =p

So here's my red mani, using: Barry M-Passionfruit, Lemon Icecream, Matt White, Rimmel-Rose Libertine, Pear Drop, Tangy Tangerine, W7-Black. This is one of the rarer occasions where I only show you one of my hands, cos I'm afraid to say my off hand hippos looked more like demented rabbits! Haha!

So there's the four hippos themselves and the spots on my thumb are to represent the balls which they just go mad for. This was a very silly mani but I rather enjoyed it!

Have a good weekend

~Nail Art Novice~


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